Chapter 4710 Escort Team

"You can't do it either?"

Fang Yue was even more surprised.

Jace is now the mastermind behind the scenes. Even if there are many strong men in Karen City, they will not refuse such a strong man to join their army!

"Fang Yue, you don't understand! The role of the Black Thorn is to create the patron saint of Karen City. Its more important role is to cultivate a peerless martial **** who can suppress all demons. The Black Thorn has a very special status in Karen City. , they can directly challenge the Council of Elders, and the Black Thorns' military merit exchange system is extremely rich. They can use the military merits they obtain to exchange for treasures that the outside world cannot buy. One of the most famous treasures is the bloodline breakthrough potion. It is said that. It can allow the bloodline of living beings to break through to levels above the Heaven level, reaching the Desolate level or even higher!"

"Such bloodline potions are priceless in the outside world, and often only the oldest tribes and the most powerful families can occasionally obtain one or two! But inside the Black Thorn, you can redeem them with the military merit you have accumulated. In this way How can the military merit exchange system not be attractive to people! "

Jace said.

"For someone with mediocre talent like me, even joining the Black Thorns is a waste of their precious resources! So my rejection is within the expected range!"

Jace said bitterly.

When he talked about the Black Thorn, his eyes were full of yearning.

When Fang Yue heard this, he couldn't help but become a little curious about the black thorn.

Only those with Tianzun-level combat power are qualified to join.

Military merits and even bloodline breakthrough potions can be redeemed.

With poor talent, the masterminds like Jace refused to recruit.

What kind of outstanding talents are the talents cultivated by this black thorn.

The carriage rumbles and rolls forward.

While on the road, Fang Yue gradually became familiar with the people traveling with him.

In fact, in this team of 300 people, there are about 200 people from the Wild Wolf Mercenary Group, and the rest of them all went to Karen City in a group.

"Have you been to Karen City? Do you know what Karen City is like?"

It takes six days to travel from the Black Sheep Tribe to Karen City.

On the way, Barbie has become curious about Karen City and wants to know more about this mysterious city.

So Barbie took the initiative and asked Jess.

Jace fell into memories and said: "Not every time I follow the wild wolf mercenary map to enter Karen City! To enter Karen City, you need to spend 500 doomsday power to buy tickets, and every time you enter Karen City to unload , it only takes one day to go in and out, so it’s not worth spending five hundred dollars!”

"So, I waited outside Karen City most of the time. I remember the last time I entered Karen City was three years ago. Karen City actually didn't feel good to me. It was a paradise for rich people! In Karen City You can buy everything in the city, men and women, slaves, various elixirs, and training resources. When I entered Karen City last time, I remember that a chamber of commerce called Wanfa Pavilion was auctioning a slave. You know that slave? How strong is the third-level chess player?"

"A being who was supposed to be upright was reduced to a prisoner, auctioned off, and became a slave because he offended a big shot. This kind of life is simply too miserable! If one day, I will be reduced to his situation, I will definitely He will commit suicide before he is captured, and he will be humiliated!"

Jace frowned, with a bit of displeasure in his eyes.

Fang Yue was shocked.

"Can even third-class chess players be auctioned?"

This kind of existence is already the closest thing to the Emperor.

There are powerful beings among chess players, and some people even prove that they are false emperors. Although they have not found their own way, the false emperors are far less powerful than the real emperors, but the false emperors are also emperors and should not be underestimated.

"What does a third-level chess player count? Half a step of Emperor Zun was also auctioned!"

Scott joined the chat when he had nothing to do.

"Half-step Emperor?!"

Fang Yue was even more shocked.

Half-step emperors are stronger. Some people are not weaker than the false emperors. They just want to prove their way and become a real emperor, so they suppress it hard and never break through. For example, the Yin Yang Tianzun and the Lord of the Sky are all in this way.

"Yes, that was a nine-tailed demon fox who was extremely beautiful in the world. He was captured alive and sold. It is said that there was a big commotion, and the city lords of the nine cities were alarmed! The last nine-tailed demon fox was captured by an emperor. The heirs were auctioned, and as a concubine, it was very prosperous at that time! "

There was envy in Scott's eyes.

But at this time, a violent fluctuation suddenly came from the depths of Fang Yue's soul.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

The Unparalleled Demon Lord woke up, roaring crazily and continuously.

It seemed that the dragon who had been touched by the reverse scale was extremely angry.

Fang Yue barely suppressed his murderous intention.

"Why are you crazy?"

Fang Yue questioned the Unparalleled Demon Lord.

After a long time, the Unparalleled Demon Lord finally calmed down, and Fang Yue said: "I'm sorry, I got excited because that nine-tailed demon fox is my wife!"

"Your wife?"

Fang Yue was even more surprised when he heard this.

"Is it related to your wife when you killed Emperor Zun?"

Fang Yue has rich association skills and quickly sketched out part of the truth.

"What is Emperor Killing? He's just a fake emperor! That **** guy actually coveted my wife's beauty and asked his son to take my wife as a concubine, and then father and son share her! It's like he deserved to die!"

When Fang Yue heard this, he felt extremely sick instantly.

At this time, he heard Scott's voice in his ear.

"It's just that the nine-tailed demon fox has a great background, and there is a genius behind it. Who would have thought that the genius was so angry that he fell into the devil's path, transformed into a demon king, and overthrew a super tribe with one person and one sword. Killed until nothing was left, Emperor Zun is dead, his son is also dead, not even the nine or ten tribes are left!"

"It's a pity that the demon king also offended the big shots in the world of black demons. He was killed together and disappeared into ashes! And the nine-tailed fox girl was also imprisoned in Sword City's Demon Suppressor for bewitching all living beings. In the tower, you will never be able to escape forever!”

Scott told the truth as he learned it.

Fang Yue was surprised.

Demon Lord, dead?

So what is this guy inside him?

"I'm not dead, I was just suppressed by the third generation ancestor of the Stonebreaker leyline."

The Demon Lord was silent for a moment and said.

"Originally, those people wanted to kill me, but they were persuaded by the third generation ancestor of the Stonebreakers to give me a way to survive. They suppressed me in the Quiet Wind Forest to sharpen my mind. This suppression was one hundred and thirty. The Era of Civilization!”

Demon Lord said.

Fang Yue felt sad when he heard this.

He didn't expect Demon Lord to have such a rough experience. He killed Emperor Lord just to protect his wife and daughter.

"After this birth, I must regain my strength and rescue the fox demon! Fang Yue, you will definitely help me, right?"

Demon Lord said with some pleading.

Fang Yue was silent.

It's not easy to rescue the fox demon.

I don't know how many people were offended when the Demon Lord was suppressed. Not to mention rescuing his wife, as long as the Demon Lord showed up, he would definitely be surrounded and beaten to death by the Emperor.

Just when Fang Yue was wandering around.

A mission appeared in his mind.

"Trigger a side mission: Help the Demon Lord recover his strength. Strength recovery is divided into four stages, and you will get rewards when you complete 30%, 50%, 90%, and perfection respectively. Refuse the task or fail the task: be killed by the Demon Lord!"

"I rely on your father!"

After accepting this task, Fang Yue cursed directly.

This is not an optional task at all, but a required task.

The Demon Lord is in his soul. If he refuses, the Demon Lord will become angry and both of them will die.

"Do I still have a choice?"

Fang Yue said with a bitter smile.

The Demon Lord smiled and said: "I will never treat you badly! However, I need a lot of resources during the recovery process. For the time being, I am completely destitute and need to rely on you! When my strength returns to 30% of its peak state , I will tell you a place where I buried treasures, and there are one or two treasures in it that you may be able to use!"

Fang Yue complained in his heart: "Okay! Even the rewards for this mission were awarded by the Demon Lord!"


The carriage Fang Yue was riding in suddenly jolted, as if the wheel was hit by a stone.

"Does this Wild Wolf Mercenary Group not care about the passengers' experience?"

Fang Yue whispered to himself.

Jace's expression changed.

"We're in trouble!"

"Get off the car, get off the car quickly! Now you are the prisoners of our Chaos Bandits! Men stand on the left, women stand on the right, and everyone of both genders stands in the middle, hurry up!"

There were noisy sounds outside.

After Fang Yue heard this voice, he already made a judgment in his heart.

This is one of the three extremely dangerous roads that Ansi said before that the teleportation array cannot be used to pass through.

Sure enough, there are rogues ambushing here, which is quite dangerous.

Outside the carriage, the sound of Scott's discussion came out.

"Sir, we are from the Wild Wolf Mercenary Group, and the goods we are escorting are from Black Thorn. Please be accommodating! This is the power of the fifty-hour calamity. Buy some food for the brothers! It is our heartfelt contribution! "

Fang Yue didn't expect that Scott, who had always had a sullen face and was extremely serious, actually had such a side.

He took the initiative to express his kindness to the bandits.

Fang Yue's heart moved slightly.

These bandits should be afraid when they hear the name Blackthorn.

After all, the black thorns in Jace's mouth were magical.

"Hehe, we just knew that there were goods of Black Thorn here, so we robbed it! If you are wise, quickly put down your weapons and become our captives honestly. Otherwise, my sword is not very discerning. When the time comes, It’s okay to hurt you!”

Outside, the Chaos Bandits were extremely arrogant, and they did not take Black Thorns seriously.

"It seems that the name Black Thorn is not easy to use!"

Barbie whispered.

Jace smiled bitterly: "Not all the forces in this Black Demon World are sold to Black Thorns! The Chaos Bandits are one family. The Chaos Bandits are one of the most powerful forces in the entire Black Demon World. There are three emperors among them. It is said that one of them is the real Emperor and has reached the pinnacle of the Emperor realm. If they settle down, they can build the tenth city in the dark world, but that big shot doesn't seem to have this ambition. !”

Fang Yue heard this.

He was slightly startled.

Is there anyone who is willing to become a rogue?

The world is truly vast and full of wonders.

"It is precisely because of the presence of those three Emperor Senior Realm experts that all the forces in the entire Black Demon World will be harassed by rogue bandits, especially the Chaos Bandits. However, the Black Thorns and the Chaos Bandits are not closely related. They should be entrusted with this action! Let’s see how Scott handles it. Prepare for the worst and prepare to fight!”

Jace said.

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