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A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees

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Novel Summary

Travel to the game world.

Matthew found that there seemed to be a little problem with his system.

“Occupation: Necromancer

Task: plant trees

Target: 1000 trees

Reward: Summoned item ‘Bone Dragon’ & a lot of EXP”

In this way, a necromancer who respected the way of balance more than the druid was born.

- Description from MTLNovels


Short Title:NWJWPT
Alternate Title:死灵法师只想种树
Author:One key for ten years
Weekly Rank:#2861
Monthly Rank:#1677
All Time Rank:#3907
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Druids, Evil Gods, Fantasy Magic, Game Elements, Gods, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Necromancer, Weak to Strong,
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19 Comments on “A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees
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  1. Did you ever find anywhere to read them? I’ve been looking but I can’t find it at all, I tried to just read past it but there’s clearly a crap ton of stuff that happens in those 4 chapters lol

  2. Unfortunately still haven't found it, I have this thing where I can't continue reading if there was missing chapters, I've tried cross referencing it to the Webnovel App but still couldn't find by basing on the titles (cause of bad translation). If you find find the missing chapters please tell me!

  3. Jajaja epico lo que le dice el Bardo al MC, de verdad es re canson ver los mamones MC con harem todo princesos o en plan "mujeres no, ralentizan desenvainar mi espada"... de seguro se refienren a sus minions. ___ Ilustrense -"   "Se dice que en la Era de la Ilustración, muchos magos se encerraban en la torre de magos para estudiar hechizos durante todo el día. En este caso, es común no ver a otras personas durante varios años, y mucho menos al sexo opuesto".    "Entonces inventaron la "Mano de mago" para experimentar la sensación de ser consolados por una mano que no sea la suya. "    "Pensándolo de esta manera, esos magos de la casa en la antigüedad son bastante lamentables".    "Acerca de esto, tengo una teoría única. Puedes juzgar si un mago tiene pareja observando el color de la "Mano de mago" y si está feliz con su pareja..."" ___ Epico, solo con esto le doy 4/5 hasta ahora capitulo 97. __ Saludos.

  4. Final edit: I'll keep reading but without any expectations, honestly this had a lot of potential, it uses the D&D configuration as main theme for powers, but it's very badly writen and used by the author, the author looks like somone that just heard about D&D and never player or read about, everything is just to make the actions and powers of MC make sense, let's say that the novel Abyss Domination (very good use of D&D condfiguration) is a 10 using D&D as theme then this one is a 3 at max. It's not bad, but for someone that knows and likes D&D this novel will be very frustrating and lacking.

  5. If any adm see this please make a "Garbage Comedy" tag and put on this novel, this novel is already bad enough because of how bad the author uses the D&D configuration and the system, but the comedy of this novel is pure trash, if the author was a comedian he would starve to death.

  6. Final edit: Dropped, at the start it was very good, but when the battles starts to involve stronger foes the power-scale, spells, spellcasting, equips, all this become a mess, there's no limits for how many spells MC can cast, he has itens with max cast times, but he has mana, what makes no sense, there magic that can become like a game skill, i'll give 2 stars because the author lied about the D&D system and messed up the power-scale and battles. WARMING: This novel is a slow-action poison.

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