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After the Divorce, I Was Spoiled By the Prince

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A petite and frail woman came to Donggong, and Chumei in Donggong didn’t take this abandoned woman seriously at first.

Who would have thought that she would occasionally feel the cold today, and she would be ill tomorrow, attracting His Royal Highness to take care of her day and night.

She took care of her, and took care of people on the couch, so angry that Zhongmei called her a shameless white lotus.

As the party concerned, Qin Zhao said: My ex-husband greened me, I turned around and hooked up with the prince of the dynasty, and robbed the prospective man of the third child. The first marriage is higher than the first marriage, is there any problem?


The crown prince Xiao Ce had few desires for half his life until he met Qin Zhao.

He thought Qin Zhao was pitiful and would not be able to live without him, so he let her live in the East Palace temporarily, day and night to keep her pampered.

Later, when he ascended the throne, every time he saw Qin Zhao’s ex-husband’s face, he would torture Qin Zhao’s soul every night: “Is my body still satisfactory to Zhaozhao?”

【Wear the book, double clean, sweet pet】

- Description from MTLNovels


Short Title:ADIWSBP
Alternate Title:和离后,我被太子娇养了
Author:Ten million
Weekly Rank:#1188
Monthly Rank:#2466
All Time Rank:#4332
Tags:Ancient China, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Imperial Harem, Royalty, Transmigration,
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  1. first of all, i think most of all character is mentally retarded. for example ML mother, i know she didn't like MC but why she push concubine wu to his son while she know that wu is her rival nephew? she poison her rival and her son push the rival to death. didn't she think the consequences if they want to take revenge after taking favor? like killing her and ML?if she want to push, she should push other surname. its just basic logic but the novel didn't provide it

  2. ok, so i read this. this story is a mental torture. historical chinese novels are all like this which involves emperor's love. women fighting over a single man's love. the misunderstands, the angst and the bitchy schemes. everything is present. only for those who like historical melodrama genera. but this one is still on better side of the edge among all those super nasty ones.

  3. idk why people hate ongoing novels, everyone have their own preferences and I like ongoing novels with 1k+ chapters at least, since it wont end even before u start as veteran readers and ongoing symbolizes that, its not dropped with hurried marriage and stuff.

  4. Plssss stop posting ongoing novel😭😭😭😭 I cannot find a novel that is complete and that I like. They are all ongoing 😭

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