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Many years later, on a rainy night. Shu Nian met Xie Ruhe again.

The man was sitting in a wheelchair, half of his face was covered by shadows and he had a set of peach blossom eyes with deep double eyelids. He obviously had a passionate face but his expression was as cold as ice.

Shu Nian held her umbrella and called out to him uncertainly, she then said. “Did you not bring an umbrella? How about I—”

Xie Ruhe’s eyes drooped, he didn’t finish listening to her and went straight into the light rain.

A long while later, Shu Nian came out of the bakery holding a kraft paper bag. In a blink of an eye, the rain had turned heavy, pounding on the concrete floor.

Xie Ruhe appeared from nowhere, holding an umbrella and stood beside her. Seeing her looking over at him, he asked. “Do you have an umbrella?”

Shu Nian nodded and took out an umbrella from her bag. The next moment, Xie Ruhe stretched out his hand to close his umbrella and said blankly: “Mine is broken.”


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Short Title:DBL
Alternate Title:败给喜欢
Author:Zhu Yi
Weekly Rank:#8290
Monthly Rank:#6570
All Time Rank:#6653
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Character Growth, Childhood Friends, Childhood Love, Cold Protagonist, Crime, Disabilities, Doting Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Heartwarming, Long Separations, Modern Day, Music, Mysterious Past, Slow Romance, Voice Actors,
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11 Comments on “Defeated By Love
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  1. This novel is really slow and has a a lot of internal dialog and flashbacks. It's not really energetic at all. It's about two "broken" people getting together. MC has anxiety and is pushing herself to move out of her comfort zone and do stuff outside. ML is disabled, lost motivation to do rehab until he rekindled friendship with MC. They're on self-care atm, finding motivation to get better. I'm already at Ch38 and nothing is happening so I'm moving on. This story is a bit heavy and serious. I'm still unsure where MC's PTSD came from. As far as I know, some depressing events that happened to her was the death of her father who she is closer to (than mom) and being dumped by the boyfriend who later on is becoming a popular singer(?). MC seems to have a delicate mental state since she was a student.

  2. She has PTSD from a week of hell, won't give it way for spoiler. The trauma is real & after surviving people around MC made it worse by spreading gossip without knowing full facts or care about it being genuine. It's really bad.

  3. Ahh the novel was good and sweet it's so sweet how they helped each other is there difficult time and this kind of novel make my choice of bf so picky that after this 5 years I am still not interested in anyone. I wanted to read some extras for there wedding and children anyway this novel was cute for me.

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