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Flash Marriage of the Era! Married To a Crazy Husband Who Amazes Everyone

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Ying Sisi always thought she was an orphan, until her father suddenly appeared and arranged a marriage for her.

The man looks good, has a good family background, and is generous to her, and she is very satisfied.

She didn’t know that this marriage was unwanted by her half-sister, who was born again.

Knowing the dark side of his seemingly perfect husband, he deliberately dug a trap for her to jump into.

People also know that she will become the wife of the richest man in the future, enjoying all the glory and pampering. The purpose of this life is to steal her life and become her sister.

Later, the younger sister got her wish and married Ying Sisi’s partner in her previous life. She was waiting for her husband to succeed and for herself to become a rich wife.

When the day lily was cold, Ying Sisi became the richest man.

younger sister:”?”

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Short Title:FMOE
Alternate Title:年代闪婚!嫁给疯批老公惊艳八方
Author:Yue Wan
Weekly Rank:#13
Monthly Rank:#3
All Time Rank:#3391
Tags:Female Protagonist,
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  1. Her eyes were fixed on the street corner: "Dad, there is a brother in front of me. He lowered his head and seemed to be crying." She ran over holding the candied haws in hand: "Brother, you eat it. After eating it, you don't want to cry anymore." The boy raised his head, revealing a childish and cold face: "I didn't cry." "Okay, I made a mistake." Shen Sisi took out the toffee and said, "I'll give it to you." boy:"." “Si Si.” Shen Yutian quickly picked her up and left.  For no other reason, the brat is Qin Yanci!  Childhood sweethearts, even more so! It's so funny 😂😂😂😂

  2. If you are reading this that means your parents will die in 5 years to undo this curs you have to past this comment on 5 more manga, I'm am sorry for who ever is reading this. Sorry

  3. This story is boring for me. There's not much excitement going on. The antagonist and the FL's in-laws is annoying too. I don't know if the author is just trying to portray how the older generation live and their perspective. The ML and FL is too mediocre for my taste. It's like the novel was just telling the story of a neighbors daily life

  4. Не люблю истории с раздвоение личности. И когда начинается как будто с середины и только по ходу сюжета раскрывается история. Общение, что пропустила екрвые страницы. Не моё.

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