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UN military doctor Wu Chenghe lost his life in the peacekeeping mission and was reborn as a hostage for human alien immigration a thousand years later.

As a weak chicken with a fighting strength of minus five, he has a taboo ability. In the frightening Federal Army, whether this cheating golden finger is open or not, Wu Chenghe expressed very entangled.

Fortunately, there is someone who is more entangled than him.
“My wife, don’t let anyone know you are such a dick.”

This is a passionate essay about the disintegration of the galaxy and the rebellious killer Matt knowing and loving each other, and working together to build a harmonious universe.
1V1, HE, [Sentinel·Guide] settings, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what it is, because it doesn’t affect reading.

Content Tag: Ability, Childbirth, Science Fiction, Future Overhead

Search keywords: Protagonists: Wu Chenghe, Jin Xuan

Supporting roles: Mu, Jin Che, Hannibal ┃ Other: Sentinel Guide

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Short Title:FTD
Alternate Title:全职医生[未来]
Author:Peerless cat ruffian
Weekly Rank:#6393
Monthly Rank:#8013
All Time Rank:#7239
Tags:Futuristic Setting, Mpreg, Overpowered Protagonist, Transmigration,
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5 Comments on “Full-time Doctor
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  1. To be honest this story made me feel uncomfortable starting from the chapter where his father became too creepy, like really early in the story, just to finish reading this(though many readers may disagree with me) I had to skip a lot of chapters periodically depending o my interest, Although I dislike parts of it or am too uncomfortable to really read it chapter by chapter, I really enjoyed the battle nearing the end of the story

  2. Me gustó mucho es una novela que empieza suave pero poco a poco vas descubriendo la intriga un desarollo más profundo y una buena historia es MPREG y tiene un padre incestuoso y pervertido que gracias no es el ML

  3. I thought the setting was in modern and about mc getting system just like dr. Lin fan something xD I guessed early when i saw the title lolol

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