Mr. Qi is also very hardworking. Even at such an old age, she is not afraid of being disabled.

After rummaging around in the house for a long time, I carried a lot of things out and looked around for a long time with a guilty conscience. I saw that there was indeed no movement in the new house where Yun Yi lived, and then I ducked down and reached the door.

Yunyi kept watching Mrs. Qi's movements, but she didn't expect that she was quite courageous. She actually opened the courtyard door directly from the inside and walked out in a grand manner.

After that, he thoughtfully closed the door, probably to make Yunyi think that he was negligent and did not lock the door in the morning.

Yun Yi opened the door and walked out of the courtyard the moment the door closed. She jumped up and climbed to the top of the courtyard gate.

Mother Qi couldn't see this position, but she could clearly take pictures of all her movements.

 Watching Mrs. Qi carrying the things back to her home, and then coming out to carry away the ladder on the courtyard wall, Yunyi finally called it a day.

 In the middle of the night, she didn’t want to trouble herself or others.

Going back to the house, I tidied up briefly, put the lean meat porridge cooked in the space kitchen into the warehouse, and prepared to rest. After all, there will be a lot of things tomorrow.

 Early the next morning, Yun Yi took out a bowl of lean meat porridge from the space and had breakfast.

 Hands out the door with the camera in hand.

First, I went to the Staff Hospital and followed Director Qiao and the others to check the wards. Then I said to my colleagues in the same department: "I have something to go out. If anyone comes to see me, please ask them to wait for me."

Because she had something to do today, she specially rode her bicycle over. Ten minutes later, she arrived at the state-owned photo studio in the county and asked someone to quickly develop the photos.

But now it’s different from later generations. Even if it’s urgent, you can’t get it immediately. After the staff places the order, you can only hear: “Come and pick it up after two o’clock in the afternoon.”

Yun Yi took the photo voucher and said: "Okay." At this time, Qi's mother-in-law was touching the back of the stolen goods from Yun Yi with a happy face, thinking: With these scarce goods, she is afraid of returning to her parents' home. No face, this time my nephew gets married and I, as my aunt, will be proud and proud. Will my sister-in-law dare to show her face again in the future?

In the morning, she must have stared diagonally across the street, seeing with her own eyes the daughter-in-law of Deputy Factory Director Huo going out to the workers' hospital before returning home.

In order to avoid a long night and many dreams, she thought it would be better to send the things away now to avoid further mistakes.

Just do it, change your clothes, tidy up, and tell the eldest granddaughter in the courtyard: "Xiaoyu, there are steamed steamed noodles with milk in the cupboard in the kitchen. You can make a meal with pickles at noon. Let’s go back to the countryside and take good care of Xiaobao.”

Qi Xiaobao heard that grandma was going back to the countryside: "Nai, I'll go back with you too."

How could Mrs. Qi dare to take him with her, because she was afraid that the child would not be able to trust her words: "Be obedient, and I will bring you something delicious when I come back in the afternoon."

 As soon as Qi Xiaobao heard that there was something delicious, he compromised.

Mrs. Qi left the family courtyard with her baggage on her shoulders.

Yunyi has been paying attention to the Qi family, so she naturally sees clearly: It’s not enough to just embarrass you in the family home, it’s best if everyone knows about the trouble.

  What you do now will make you lose face later.


On the other side, Pan Huixin finally found an opportunity and met Huo Jingrui, who was thinking about it day and night: "Jingrui, long time no see."

The moment Huo Jingrui saw her, he frowned and said coldly: "Is something wrong?"

Pan Huixin was chilled by this tone: "Even if we are not destined to be together, we won't be strangers, right?"

Huo Jingrui is most annoyed by such stalking people: "There are differences between men and women, not to mention that I am a married man. If there is nothing important, please get out of the way." (End of Chapter)

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