It's not like he never thought of taking a detour and leaving, but there were so many people coming and going here, and Pan Huixin was a brainless person, so he didn't want to get into unnecessary trouble because of her.

Hearing these heartless words, Pan Huixin's eyes immediately filled with tears. This pitiful expression did not arouse any pity from Huo Jingrui, but made Huo Jingrui even more disgusted with her.

Just when Huo Jingrui was about to make a move, he happened to see Pan Zhenxing, the youngest son of the Pan family's eldest family, coming this way with his friends: "Pan Zhenxing, come quickly and take your cousin away."

Pan Huixin didn't expect to run into her cousin, and was about to explain, but Huo Jingrui didn't give him a chance, bypassing her and leaving.

In front of all the buddies, Pan Zhenxing's face looked like a dyeing plate. He wanted to go up and pry open his cousin's head. What was going on?

Everyone in the compound knows that the fourth son of the Huo family has a name, and the Huo family has already promised that they will hold a wedding banquet for the fourth son of the Huo family at the end of the year.

This brainless cousin actually dares to stop people in this crowded place. Is this because she thinks the Pan family is not shameful enough?

His voice was filled with annoyance: "Cousin, what are you doing standing still? Do you want me to call my second aunt?"

Pan Huixin looked frustrated. The opportunity she had been waiting for had just been missed.

Huo Jingrui didn't care what Pan Huixin was feeling, let alone what others said about the Pan family. He just wanted to deal with the things at hand as quickly as possible, tidy up the house in the family courtyard according to Yunyi's preferences, and go back as soon as possible. Pick people up.

As soon as he entered the regimental commander's office, Zhang Changping, the commander of his first battalion, rushed over. The two got into a fight in the office. The regimental commander not only did not dissuade him, but also stood there and watched.

 A quarter of an hour later, the two of them stopped.

Zhang Changping directly gave Huo Jingrui a bear hug: "Deputy Commander, your skills have become even better, how can we be embarrassed?"

 The leader of the regiment, Feng Yujun, also nodded and said: "With his current strength, I am really relieved that the whole army will compete in the coming competition. Jingrui, you have come back at the right time."

Several people sat down, and Captain Feng smiled and said, "It just so happens that you will come with me to the division commander in the afternoon." Zhang Changping interrupted at this time: "Deputy regiment, I heard that you are getting married, where are the wedding candies?"

Hearing this, Huo Jingrui put a smile on his face: "I can't do without you."

With that said, he walked to the door, carried the bag that was left there, took out three large bags of candies, and threw them directly on Zhang Changping: "You will deliver them to each camp in person later, so that all the brothers will be happy."

Captain Feng saw clearly the application handed over by Huo Jingrui: "In the past, whether it was an art troupe or a family home, countless girls surrounded you, and you didn't even bother to give me a look. Unexpectedly, you skipped love after a mission and went straight to marriage. Report.

When my younger brothers and sisters come to join the army, I might take a good look at what kind of beauty and beauty it is that captures the soul of our aloof Deputy Huo. "

Huo Jingrui looked arrogant and said: "My wife is naturally the best."

Captain Feng saw the stern look on his face and said, "Well, I said you are fat, but you are still out of breath."

After the two of them finished chatting about work matters, Huo Jingrui said, "Commander, please do your work first. I'll go to the logistics department to choose a house first."

Captain Feng heard what he said: "I've said hello to the logistics department before. There happens to be another set at the newly built tube building. I asked them to keep it for you."

Huo Jingrui had already made plans, but he still thanked the group leader.

 After leaving the regiment leader's office, and just thinking about what to say to the logistics team, he heard someone in front of him calling him: "Deputy regiment Huo." (End of chapter)

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