Zhao Ze was extremely angry, "It's useless even if he is caught alive. Sufeng wears the same pants as the territory management, so the punishment will definitely be painless."

Yue Haiying reassured everyone, "The territorial policy is related to the country's food security. This territorial invasion is the first major invasion of extremely bad nature and extremely serious casualties since the implementation of the territorial policy. It will definitely be regarded as a typical example." Come and catch it. The most important thing for us right now is breeding, right?"

 Everyone nodded.

Xia Qing spoke, "Brother Qi, let's count how many kilograms of rice seeds we received in total."

"The statistics have been calculated." Qi Fu took out a small notebook, "Qing's 2.5 kilograms, No. 4's 4.5 kilograms, No. 6 and I each have 10.5 kilograms, and No. 15's 9.5 kilograms, a total of 37.5 kilograms. Plus Xia Qing The 40 kilograms of rice seeds you exchanged are equivalent to 31 kilograms of rice seeds based on a 40% germination rate. The evolved rice grains are larger than those before the natural disaster. According to the seedling cultivation method introduced in the video, the two acres of land in the valley are basically used. Not finished.”

The 40 kilograms of high-quality rice seeds exchanged by Xia Qing and Zhang San were of better quality than what Liehuo compensated the lords. Of course, they had to cultivate rice seedlings in the valley.

Xia Qing said that the condition for exchanging this rice seed with others is that she can only grow it herself. When the rice is harvested in June or July, she can exchange it, so the lords of the alliance are naturally happy.

Xia Qing nodded, "The current atmosphere, soil composition, and natural conditions are very different from before the natural disaster. It is not enough to rely on the information on the video. Territory No. 7 will also grow seedlings this spring. I applied to Third Brother. Our alliance can send Two people went to visit and study in Territory No. 7."

 Everyone was very happy when they heard the good news. Xia Qing asked, "Who do you think is suitable to go?"

Zhu Li spoke first, "I have to take care of Lao Kuang, and things in the territory are too busy. Besides, I might not be able to learn even if I go there."

Zhao Ze also said, "I'm also afraid that I won't be able to learn it, which will delay important things."

Yuan Yan raised her hand, "I want to go, can you guys watch it?"

 Qi Fu and Yuan Yan’s fields are the best for cultivation. It is very suitable for people from Territory No. 5 to visit and study in Territory No. 7, and everyone has no objection.

Xia Qing also feels that Yuan Yan is more suitable than Qi Fu, because in addition to her strength, she is also a magnetic evolver who can sense plant abnormalities, and is more suitable to study crop cultivation technology.

Territory No. 5 occupies one quota. Territory No. 4 and No. 6 are given up. Xia Qing will definitely not be available. The remaining quota will have to be chosen from No. 10 and No. 15.

Before Shi Zhong could speak, Yue Haiying said, "We don't have a suitable candidate here. Where is Brother Shi?"

  Shi Zhong discussed with everyone, "Let my wife go. She is more knowledgeable than me and is in better health. Do you think it's okay?"

Shimu is a power evolver. She has strong resistance and knows how to farm. She has learned how to go to the valley to raise rice seedlings, and everyone has no objections.

After the people were selected and it was determined that Qi Fu, Shi Du and Yu Shou would be responsible for installing the fill lights, the alliance meeting moved on to the next topic.

Xia Qing was the first to speak, "For seedling cultivation to be successful, in addition to temperature, humidity and soil fertility, there is another important condition: the management of the rainy season."

"The surge in the content of the elements during the rainy season will lead to an increase in the content of the elements in the rice seedlings in the seedling stage. Even if the seedlings have not evolved, the content of the elements in the body will also increase, leading to a decline in the quality of the seedlings. Currently, there are two methods. Reduce the content of nitrogen elements in the atmosphere during the rainy season: Yishi and ventilation filtration equipment. Everyone knows about the air filters configured in standardized greenhouses, but except for Yue Haiying and Zhu Li, everyone else at the scene was the first to use Yishi. I heard about it once.

Xia Qing introduced Yi Shi in detail, and the lords were amazed. They didn't expect that the Blue Star Evolution would evolve such a good thing.

After Xia Qing’s introduction, Qi Fu spoke, “The place where we raise seedlings is not a closed environment, so we don’t need air filters.”

Zhu Li, who was trying to keep up with the progress, asked, "Sister Qing, is it cheaper to use Yishi, or is it cheaper for us to build an air filter for a closed environment?"

Xia Qing first looked at Zhao Ze, "Brother Zhao, is it feasible to build a fully enclosed greenhouse in the valley?"

Zhao Ze replied, "To seal the valley from top to bottom, left and right, we only need to seal the bottom of the soil and the cracks in the rocks. It is theoretically feasible, but we are not pressed for time. I will calculate the construction cost clearly before the next meeting."

Xia Qing nodded and then answered Zhu Li's question, "The rice seedlings we raise will eventually be planted in the open air, so we just need to ensure that the seedlings are not affected by excessive elements during the rainy season. If we want to achieve this, , using Yishi is cheaper than building a closed environment and using ventilation and filtration equipment. If we plan to plant crops in the valley that require a higher growth environment and need to be isolated from elements throughout the growth process, it is not cost-effective to use Yishi. "

Zhu Li nodded quickly and took everything Xia Qing said seriously into her mind.

Yishi is a precious and scarce resource. Yue Haiying asked, "Xia Qing, do you have a way to get Yishi? How about I find a way?"

Xia Qing nodded, "I have a way. Today I just want to talk to you about the price issue. According to the size of our valley, we need to separate two pieces of pigeon egg-sized rocks and install them evenly in the valley to ensure that the seedlings It is completely isolated from the elements. According to the current transaction price, a mid-level Yi stone as big as a pigeon egg is not suitable to buy, so I plan to rent a Yi stone for two months. To be safe, Let’s rent it for three days, and the total rent is 20,000 yuan. Can you accept it?”

Zhao Ze chuckled, "If Miss Xia Qing can accept it, of course I have no problem."

 According to the agreement, the breeding costs will be shared according to the number of kilograms of rice seeds that each territory needs to breed. A total of 87.5 kilograms of rice seeds were bred this time, 42.5 kilograms of which belonged to Xia Qing. Therefore, she had to bear more than 10,000 yuan for the 20,000 yuan rent from Yi Shi, while Zhao Ze only had to bear more than 1,000 yuan.

Xia Qing also laughed. Of course she had no objection, because the Yi stone she wanted to "rent" was exchanged with the wolves. Yi Shi "rented" the property at market price, and the rent eventually returned to her own pocket.

Qi Fu, who was thinking very fast, discussed with Xia Qing, "Xia Qing, can we only rent Yi Shi once, or can we rent it during the rainy season in the future?"

Xia Qing didn’t say anything too long-term, “It should be possible this year.”

Shi Zhong also understood what Qi Fu was thinking, "After we cultivate the rice seedlings, if we can borrow Yi stones to protect the crops from the rain, we will plant precious green crops in the valley!"

 According to the distribution method previously agreed upon by everyone, the two acres of farmland in the hidden valley will be used by everyone when raising rice seedlings. During the non-seedling cultivation stage, the one acre of land to the west of the spring belongs to Xia Qing, and the one acre of land to the east belongs to Territory Nos. 4, 5, 6, 10 and 15, with each family receiving two shares of land.

 Third brother? The third brother is a big boss. There are several standardized planting greenhouses in the territory, and he despises the three-acre land in the cave. (End of chapter)

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