Yuan Yan spoke excitedly, "We can ask Territory No. 12 if we can exchange purple sweet potatoes. The price of purple sweet potatoes is higher. If Tang Dong is willing to exchange with us, we can grow purple sweet potatoes together when raising rice seedlings. We will definitely make some money by using Yi stones to protect the valley in the second and third games.”

Zhu Li, who was following her husband to collect supplies, had golden eyes, "My sister-in-law is wrong. It's not that you can make a lot of money, but you will definitely make a lot of money! Purple sweet potato is a plant that is susceptible to pests, and there is no way to promote its cultivation, so scarcity is the most valuable thing. The selling price will not go down, which means that when we harvest, the purple sweet potato will still cost 300 points per kilogram! One purple sweet potato seedling will grow at least two or three kilograms of purple sweet potato, right?”

 This is much more valuable than a pound of grain and vegetables worth more than ten or dozens of points! Zhao Ze's eyes flashed, "This is not a purple potato, this is a money potato!"

Last year, when Tang Huai was stabbed by a refugee in the territory, Tang Zhengbo offered Zhang San a deal of 20 kilograms of purple sweet potatoes and asked Zhang San to suture Tang Huai's wound. At that time, Territory Nos. 1, 8 and 9 all exchanged three kilograms with Territory No. 12. At that time, the members of the Territory Alliance did not have the conditions for planting, so they did not propose an exchange.

 Now, they have conditions!

Shi Zhong was afraid that he would not be able to exchange them. "I remember that Tang Dong said that he didn't have many purple sweet potatoes, so we might not be able to exchange them."

Yue Haiying immediately said, "There are also purple sweet potatoes in the military planting base. I will look for a way to see if I can get a few kilograms back."

Xia Qing also spoke, "I'll also ask Tang Huai."

Xia Qing did not offer to exchange purple sweet potato seedlings with Territory No. 12 at that time, but she later made a deal with Yang Jin, trading 40 green light sweet potato seedlings for 10 purple sweet potato seedlings.

Contrary to Yang Jin who is always willing to spend money and money, Tang Huai is a rare high-quality trading partner for Blue Star. As long as Xia Qing lets Tang Huai take a look at the sheep boss and the sick wolf, there will definitely be no problem in exchange for three pounds.

 After coming out of Territory No. 5, Xia Qing rushed directly to Territory No. 7, reported to the idol the candidates who had been selected to study in Territory No. 7, and set a time period for the two of them to study in Territory No. 7.

"I tested the stumps of the two advanced evolvers who exposed themselves." Zhang San placed a test report in front of Xia Qing, with a very ugly expression on his face. "They took Yiye one hour before they died. According to the blood samples According to the test data, there is a 90% chance that the liquid they took was made by me. The remaining 10% may be someone from Huiyi Research Institute who has learned how to make liquid. Their skills have improved. Made later."

Taking the Yi element stimulating liquid made by Zhang San, or using Zhang San's technology, invading the territory to kill Zhang San's allies and managers of No. 50 Mountain, and destroying the territory, these are really abominable!

Xia Qing asked, "Third brother, I remember you said that the shelf life of the liquid is one year. In the past year, have you exchanged liquid with any suspicious person?"

There was a sense of world-weariness and irritability on Zhang Sanbai's pale and thin face, "In addition to the monthly ration provided to Hui Yi's army, it has only been given to three people, you, Yang Jin and Hui San's Dongyang team."

  Dongyang team? Xia Qing asked, "Is that the time you asked the Dongyang team to dig green lantern bamboo shoots for you?"

 Zhang San snorted feebly.

 Ask them to dig a bamboo, and you will give them Yi element stimulating liquid? ! Xia Qing's face was filled with pain. With such a good thing, idol, why did you give them an advantage?

Zhang San glanced at Xia Qing sideways, and Xia Qing immediately put away his pain and put on a good student look, "I used one of the liquid medicine, and the other one is in the territory; Captain Yang and the others should not be there either." Such important materials will be lost. Therefore, the liquid taken by the invaders can only come from three sources: Huiyi Military, Dongyang Team and Huiyi Research Institute."

 Zhang San rolled his eyes at Xia Qing again, isn't this nonsense?

Xia Qing smiled and said, "Third brother, I will go investigate the Dongyang team..."

Zhang San yawned, "It doesn't matter whether we investigate or not. I have already reported this matter to the Red One Base, and the Red One will send someone over soon to investigate thoroughly."

Xia Qing’s eyes lit up immediately, “Third brother—”

"Stop." Zhang San told Xia Qing not to talk nonsense, turned the swivel chair, pulled out a picture from the filing cabinet behind him and put it on the table, "This is the installation area and quantity calculated by Daya. You take the camera away and arrange it." People go and install it. These surveillance and the surveillance in the high-risk area of ​​the third peak are merged into the surveillance background of the No. 7 territory. Yuji Li sends people to keep an eye on the operators of the evolved bats that invade this territory during the beast tide. In the area near the territory of the first peak of No. 50 Mountain. Xia Qing communicated this matter with her idol on the phone yesterday. Unexpectedly, he had someone take care of it today.

 This speed makes him worthy of being an idol standing at the top of the Blue Star Pyramid!

Xia Qing immediately put away the gushing admiration, picked up the drawings with both hands, "Okay, I will install and debug the camera within two days. Third brother, when the people from Hongyi Base came to investigate, I Are you going to hide the sick wolf and the sheep boss?"

Zhang San shook his head, "It's just an evolved wolf that lost its fighting power after being infected by parasites. The people in Hongyi don't like it, so just hide the spring water. They came here this time, firstly for the invasion of their territory, and secondly for Gao Yi Elemental Spinach Seeds. How is the grass growing in your territory recently? "

Xia Qing knew that Zhang San was asking about weeping grass, so he immediately took out his mobile phone and handed over the photo he had just taken this morning. "Third brother, look, it seems to have begun to bear seeds."

 Zhang San took Xia Qing's cell phone, enlarged the picture and looked at it carefully, and was happy, "It has set seeds. Underneath the weed grass is the stone you pounded?"

"Yes, in addition to crushing rocks, I also spray water into the cave twice a day." Xia Qing explained the reason for doing this. "Otherwise, there is no way to ensure the air humidity."

 The pollution-free spring water in Xia Qing's territory is still in the dry season.

Zhang San carefully inspected the growth of the weeping grass and praised, "It seems that you really have some talent and luck in farming."

 Luck is something that cannot be explained clearly and has no rules to follow. It stands to reason that Xia Qing only has one year of farming experience at most, and it is impossible to feed such a delicate and evolved plant as weeping grass. But not only did she feed them, she also raised them until they blossomed and formed seeds.

Xia Qing, a young fan, was very happy to be praised by her idol, "It's because of the detailed information you gave me, Third Brother, that I was able to grow the grass so well."

It sounds like the weeds in Territory No. 3 were planted after he provided the information. Zhang San rolled his eyes at Xia Qing and said, "Next time, bring over some of the substrate for your grass cultivation. I'll do a test."

"Okay." Xia Qing agreed immediately, "When the grass seeds are ripe, I will send you a few."

“No need, you can just keep it yourself.” The grass seeds are rare evolutionary plants, and the grass seeds suddenly appear in Territory No. 7, which may expose the pollution-free spring water in Territory No. 3. Xia Qing's spring water is the most important resource of the Territory Alliance and must not be exposed now.

Xia Qing nodded and asked, "Can I go see Brother Qing, Li Kai and Yuan Rui?"

 After the operation, these three people were all left in the "observation room" of Territory No. 7 to recover.

Zhang San yawned, "Go ahead. Li Kai and Kuang Qingwei can only watch through the glass and cannot enter the house."

Xia Qing's heart skipped a beat, "Third brother, Brother Qing's injury is also serious?" (End of chapter)

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