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Reborned as an Orphan Girl With a Spatial Pocket!

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After the death of her grandfather, Lu Xiaoxiao, a girl who lived in the 23rd century, lived alone in the villa left by her grandfather regardless of the dislike of relatives.

Suddenly, she found that her grandfather left her a space in Yu Peili. She likes to read novels, fearing that the end of the world will come, and she starts hoarding things desperately.

In the country, it became the body of an 8-year-old girl named Lu Xiaoxiao whose parents both died with the same name and surname. Fortunately, the space has come together, even in this strange era, I can live well

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Short Title:ROGWSP
Alternate Title:重生年代文孤女有空间
Author:Lu Hua Hua
Weekly Rank:#113
Monthly Rank:#141
All Time Rank:#126
Tags:Child Protagonist, Cultivation, Female Protagonist, Magical Space, Martial arts, Orphans,
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88 Comments on “Reborned as an Orphan Girl With a Spatial Pocket!
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  1. The story is very cringe....I mean one time fl will act all ruthless and all , and other time fl will act like a little girl who has don't know any violence and hug ml...fl says that she will kill people but in the end forgives them and forgive the crimes these criminal have done to people like a holy mother....she has not killed a single person and always talks about Killin....fl is a type of person who likes to put her nose in every issue

  2. I don't get it he if ml has two personality...I mean ml treets fl like a child when there is nothing dangerous...but whenever he is on a dangerous mission with death possibility he includes fl as if his care for mc was all fake...ml can literally not do a single dangerous mission without MC's help...and I don't know how many times ml must have died if there was no fl to save his ass...so it gets irritating when ml treats mc like a glass doll when there is no danger around

  3. One of the negative point of this novel is ....when ever ml is doing a dangerous mission and can't solve it he will ask mc for help...but they don't provide any information about the mission to mc because it is confidential....I don't get it if you don't tell anything to mc it will put her into a more dangerous place....and I have seen that every mission of ml is solved by mc's help, so they should at least provide sufficient information about the mission target whome ml himself couldn't catch and is very dangerous..so that mc can save her life if in danger

  4. Low level entertaining. Unfortunately, when the heroine starts out as a ten year old orphan (her new body, really she’s 25) the authors asks us to believe that no one questions her ability to live on their own, do her own banking, ask to be sent to the countryside, travel on her own, etc. What crap is that! Dropped. 1 star from 5.

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