Chapter 4084 4086 [Slug Club]

 While Xiang Nan was reading in the library, Lily often came with him.

Like Hermione Granger, she is the type who loves to learn. Especially after realizing the wonders of magic, she is even more interested in it and can't put it down.

 So she will also come to the library to read, but her professional level is not as advanced as Xiang Nan.

So far, I have only read some basic books, such as "Introduction to Potions", "Hogwarts: A History of the School", "Practical Magic Tips", "Miranda Gorshak Teaches You How to Cast Spells Correctly", etc. .

On the one hand, her theoretical knowledge is not as deep as Xiang Nan's, and she cannot read too professional books; on the other hand, her magic power is not that strong, so she can use more powerful spells, such as the Flying Curse, the Iron Armor Curse, and the Obstacle Curse. Wait, even if she knew the spell, she wouldn't be able to cast it.

Unlike Xiang Nan, he not only started practicing magic at the age of five, but more importantly, he also absorbed the magic power of four adults, so it was enough to cast some powerful spells.


 It’s a new week in a blink of an eye.

 Monday morning, in the restaurant, Gregory was a little worried.

"Severus, you took care of the Slytherin students. In the Potions class we are going to have later, the teacher is the Head of Slytherin. Do you think he will retaliate against you?" He looked at Xiang Nan Road.

Hearing what he said, Joey and Benjamin also looked at Xiang Nan worriedly.

Xiang Nan smiled slightly and said, "Don't worry, he's not that bad."

Professor Slughorn is a smart person, prudent and protective, shrewd and smooth, well-rounded, and has been pursuing comfort and enjoyment all his life. People like this will not retaliate against students.

In fact, among all the professors at Hogwarts, excluding pure villains such as Quirinus Quirrell, Amycus Carrow, Alecto Carrow, and Dolores Umbridge, Only Severus Snape likes to protect others and often uses excuses to suppress students from the other three major colleges.

Joy, Benjamin, and Gregory were obviously not so easily reassured.


 After breakfast, Xiang Nan and others went to the Potions classroom.

Before the professor came yet, Xiang Nan took out a book called "Encyclopedia of Toadstools" from his school bag and started reading it.

This book records a variety of poisonous mushrooms, many of which are extremely poisonous and can easily kill hundreds of people with just a little bit.

However, the magical world also pays attention to "fighting poison with poison". Many antidotes are made from poison, so these poisonous bacteria have their own unique uses despite being highly toxic.

At this time, the door opened and Professor Slughorn walked in, "Good morning, classmates!"

 “Good morning, Professor Slughorn!” the students all stood up and shouted.

“Very well, everyone, turn in your homework,” Slughorn said.

 One sentence made the students a little nervous. Because except for Xiang Nan, most people copied their homework or crammed it into something else.

But everyone still handed in their homework. Professor Slughorn scanned it roughly, his expression getting increasingly ugly. For a potions master like him, he could tell at a glance whether students were doing their homework seriously.

He can tell at a glance which homework is copied, which homework is dealt with, and which homework is fooled. It wasn't until he saw the three pieces of parchment written by Xiang Nan that he finally nodded with satisfaction.

"Did you see that there are three full pages of parchment, and the medicinal properties of each material are clearly written. Even the changes in the medicinal properties of each step are written out." Professor Slughorn said with satisfaction, "That's it. He is a good student, ten points to Ravenclaw!”

 “Thank you, Professor.” Xiang Nan smiled.


“Okay, let’s prepare the healing potion now.” Professor Slughorn nodded, “Read the book by yourself, choose the ingredients by yourself, brew it by yourself…Start now!”

With a wave of his hand, there were many raw materials on the table, such as Ningshen flower, living root grass, salamander blood, frog liver, etc.

 The students immediately started to get materials and prepare to brew the healing potion.

"Severus, I admire your talent very much." Professor Slughorn laughed in a low voice, "Tell you secretly that I organized a club and hold some parties from time to time. I welcome you to join. This weekend. At eight o'clock in the evening, my office..."

"Okay, professor, thank you for the invitation, I will go." Xiang Nan nodded.

He knew that Slughorn had formed a club called the Slug Club. He was so named because the "Slug" in his last name means "slug."

 After Slughorn entered Hogwarts, he devoted himself to recruiting outstanding students with backgrounds to join his club. And use his connections in the magical world to support these club members to reach higher positions. After these members reach high positions, they will also use their power to seek some personal gains for him.

For example, Ambrosio Froome, the owner of Honeydukes Candy Shop in Hogsmeade Village, helped recommend the first job. So every year on his birthday, Froome would send him a big basket of pastries;

Barnabas Guffey, editor of the Daily Prophet, often wrote to him asking him to comment on current affairs; Gwenog Jones, captain of the Holyhead Harpies, could help. He got free tickets; Elder Walple, a well-known writer, is good at writing biographies of celebrities...

According to Dumbledore, "He has an unusual ability to select people who will succeed in all walks of life. He allows them to get to know each other and establish useful connections, and in the end he always gets someone. kind of benefit…”

Harry Potter believed that Slughorn was a big, fat spider that spun a thread of silk here and there, forming a web around its body and trapping delicious and juicy spiders. The flies are attracted to him.

  Xiang Nan was not surprised that Slughorn invited him to join the Slug Club.

 Because of his high level of magical talent, I can’t say that he is on par with Grindelwald, Dumbledore, Voldemort and others, but it is definitely far ahead of his peers.

  After all, it is rare for a freshman to be able to defeat a group of seventh-graders who are about to graduate when they first enter the school. It's strange that he doesn't think highly of himself.

Although he was teaching Slytherin students, Slughorn didn't care. Because his Slug Club has always been a meritocracy.

Those like Lily Evans, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, etc. are all Gryffindor students, but he still accepts them. In comparison, he would disdain people who were of no use to him, no matter how talented or distinguished they were.

For example, Draco Malfoy was rejected because Lucius Malfoy exposed his identity as a Death Eater during the Battle of the Ministry of Magic and was imprisoned in Azkaban.

 “Very good, go ahead.” Slughorn nodded and smiled.

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