Chapter 4085 Chapter 4087 [Whomping Willow and Wolfsbane Potion]

 In the next few days, Xiang Nan has been studying hard.

He has a very high talent for learning and is extremely smart. Not only does he have a photographic memory, but he is also good at drawing inferences from one instance to another. Therefore, professors in various subjects are very satisfied with him.

In addition to studying with professors in various subjects, he also read books eagerly and absorbed the knowledge contained in them.

However, Xiang Nan is currently only looking at the books in the library, Ravenclaw dormitory and common room, but not the books he collected from the Room of Requirement.

 The reason is also very simple. The reason why those books are hidden in the Room of Requirement is because most of them are banned books. Not only are the contents recorded very dangerous and evil, but even the books themselves may be dangerous.

In "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", Ron once said, "Some of the books confiscated by the Ministry of Magic, one of them will burn your eyes out. Anyone who has read "The Wizard's Sonnets" People who read can only speak in five-line limericks throughout their lives.

An old wizard from Bath has a book that once you read it you will never be able to put it down! You bury your face in a book everywhere you go and learn to do everything with one hand..."

 So Xiang Nan planned to lay a solid foundation. He would first read the books in the Ravenclaw common room and the library except the "restricted book area", and then read the books in the Room of Requirement after laying a solid foundation.

The books in the Ravenclaw common room and the non-restricted areas of the library have been inspected by professors of all generations and will not pose much danger to students.

These books cover many subjects such as Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, Herbalism, History of Magic, Magic Literature, Divination, etc. After reading them all, your knowledge accumulation will definitely reach a very high level.

I dare not say that I can compare with the top masters such as Grindelwald, Dumbledore, and Voldemort who are knowledgeable and knowledgeable, but at least they are also Minerva McGonagall, Horace Slughorn, Filius Flitwick's level.

 Once you reach that level, you have a very high self-protection ability. When the time comes, it will be no problem to read those banned books. And after laying a good foundation, it will be easier to learn and comprehend those taboo knowledge.


"Severus, what's new is that the school has planted a whomping willow in the garden." Benjamin said to Xiang Nan with interest, "Many people did not believe in evil and ran over to provoke them, but they were all beaten."

Xiang Nan was stunned for a moment, then nodded.

Knowing that the whomping willow was planted for Remus Lupin. Lupine was bitten by the werewolf Fenrir Greyback when he was four years old, and has since been transformed into a werewolf. He will turn into a werewolf every full moon.

Once a werewolf transforms, he will lose his mind and attack others everywhere. They will even harm themselves if there are no other people around, so they are very dangerous and terrifying.

 So to prevent Lupine from hurting innocent people when he transforms, Dumbledore will send him to the Shrieking Shack. It was an empty house that had long been abandoned, just outside Hogsmeade. When Lupine transforms and stays there, he won't be afraid of hurting others.

 He can just go back to school after the full moon has passed. There is a tunnel in the Shrieking Shack connected to Hogwarts, and the tunnel exit is in the garden of Hogwarts.

Dumbledore planted the whomping willow at the entrance of the tunnel to prevent others from entering the tunnel. As the name suggests, the Whomping Willow will whip the willow whenever someone approaches.

It has thousands of branches, and even a seventh-grade student may not be able to deal with it. In this way, there is no need to worry about Lupine's secret being discovered.

Xiang Nan knew the secret, but he was not prepared to let it out.

 Because he had no enmity with Remus Lupine and could not harm him. After all, once his werewolf identity is exposed, he will definitely be ostracized and expelled by his parents. After all, no parent wants their child to be in the same school as a werewolf. At that time, Lu Ping's situation will be even more embarrassing.

 Furthermore, he sympathized with Lu Ping in his heart and knew that he was actually a very good person, smart, capable, hard-working, kind-hearted, loyal to his friends, loyal to his lover, and friendly to his partners...

However, he also knew that planting the Whomping Willow or sending Lupine to the Shrieking Shack were only temporary measures after all. The key is to prepare a potion that can cure werewolves or temporarily suppress their madness.

As far as Xiang Nan knows, there is a wolfsbane potion in the original work. As long as you take it one month before the full moon, you can stay sane during the full moon and avoid hurting people and yourself.

This potion was developed by the well-known wizard Damocles Belby, and for his contribution to this potion, he received the honor of the Second Order of Merlin.

However, this kind of medicine was only successfully developed in the 1990s and has not yet appeared. Xiang Nan plans to solidify the foundation of potions again, and then take the time to develop the wolfsbane potion.

By then, not only would he be famous and receive the Order of Merlin, but he might also be able to make a lot of money by selling Wolfsbane Potion, and he could openly support his poor family.

You know, since Tobias Snape gave him twenty pounds on the day he left home to go to school, Xiang Nan has greatly changed his view of this father and is ready to pull him out of the quagmire.

However, although he had money in his wallet at that time, it was not easy to give it directly to Eileen Prince. Because he couldn't explain how he got such a large amount of money. If a wolfsbane potion could be developed, it would at least be an excuse.


At eight o'clock on the weekend, Xiang Nan came to Professor Slughorn's office.

 While he was still far away from the door, he heard the melodious music coming from the office.

Xiang Nan stepped forward and knocked gently on the door. The office door opened immediately, and it was Slughorn who opened the door.

 “Severus, you’re finally here, I thought you were shy.” Slughorn smiled.

"Professor, I'm sorry, I'm late." Xiang Nan apologized.

"No, you came just in time." Slughorn smiled, "My friends have just arrived, and I am showing off you to them, come on..."

 He immediately brought Xiang Nan into the office. Xiang Nan noticed that Lucius Malfoy, Gregory Foley, Sirius Black, James Potter and others were also there. After seeing Xiang Nan, Gregory, Sirius, James and others greeted him in surprise, but Lucius's face suddenly turned cold.

"Come on, kid, let me introduce you to the guests at today's party." Slughorn patted Xiang Nan's shoulder intimately, and then introduced him.

There were Creed Hemsworth, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Magic, Amos Diggory, Director of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and Barnabas Guffey, editor of the Daily Prophet. Adam Giggs, owner of Rag & Giggs Pharmacy…

“This kid is really good. He is a genius in potions and a master in spells. He is one of the most talented students I have ever seen.” Slughorn introduced with a smile.

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