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The soul of an entomologist traveled through the world of cultivators and possessed the body of a young cultivator who was practicing insect control.

After resurrecting his life, he just wanted to stay away from the fight and grow up in a mortal village.

After observing the “Sun and Moon Heart Sutra”, I created my own “Ten Absolute Sutras”.

After watching the “Nine Death Divine Art”, I created my own “Purgatory True Demon Art”.

I felt inspired by the “Eternal Life Sutra” and deduced the last hundred levels of the “Eternal Life Sutra”.

With incredible imagination, incredible understanding, and unlimited time, you can create your own techniques, elixir recipes, weapon recipes, array diagrams, poison recipes, wine recipes, etc.

Others cultivated the way of killing, but he cultivated the avenue of his own creation.

This book is also known as: “Cultivation of Immortality through Self-Creating Style”, “My Mind Is Unbelievable, I Created My Own Invincible Method in the Mortal Village”, “Sorry! I only know my own magic method”

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Short Title:SBCYOWBG
Alternate Title:蛊道长生:从自创水熊蛊开始
Author:May I be handsome to the sky for another five hundred years
Weekly Rank:#107
Monthly Rank:#19
All Time Rank:#6350
Tags:Army Building, Artifact Crafting, Cheats, Clones, Crafting, Cultivation, eastern fantasy, Fantasy, Fast Learner, Genius Protagonist, Insects, Lack of Common Sense, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Martialarts, Overpowered Protagonist, System, Transmigration, Xianxia,
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  1. Chapter 68, MC consumes 100 years of his lifespan instead of revealing a top grade gu amongst people he could easily defeat then flee away. I am so sick of dumb china novels.

  2. he have excess lifespan 200 is merely insignificant for him, top gu on the other hand will attract the focus of powerhouses giving him endless worries. his gu is his trump card he will never reveal it unless necessary, i already caught up and people still don’t know his top gu’s. the mc gu is perfect which is unbelievable in the gu world.

  3. Why do asians believe metal makes water? I can think of no logical reason (of course all their psuedoscience is nonsensical).

  4. Can anyone tell me the name of a novel similar to the novel 'RECHARGE MARTIAL SAINT' where mc's original body's parents (maybe) and have an older sister. Who sold her body to earn money for her brother's future. When mc knows what her sister had done he slaped her and ran to mountain gate where he can learn martial arts. And mc have a golden finger similar to 'RECHARGE MARTIAL SAINT' novel?

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