Chapter 208 Chapter 208 Rebellion in a small county 1

The little lady leaned close to his ear, her voice could not be any quieter. Zhao Lan's ears were itchy when she heard it. If her conjecture hadn't been so unbelievable, she almost... Fortunately, she could control it.

Looking at the young lady with a heavy face, she suspected that the current Mr. Yang was fake?

Hua Ping also followed Zhao Lan. His hearing was very sensitive. Su Ruojin's small voice was heard by him, but he quietly blocked it from being transmitted into the cave, and heard the second lady's speculation.

He also found it incredible, is there anyone like this in the world?

 The mountains were dark and the rain was heavy, so Zhao Lan and others left quietly.

Su Ruojin stood at the entrance of the cave and sighed sadly. Just waiting for the rain to stop, the Su family set off for Wei County. She didn't know who would succeed the crown prince after his death, and when the capital would return to peace.

Although the heavy rain stopped on the second day, the sky was still gray. It was estimated that there would be another heavy rain in less than half a day. She came out to escape temporarily. No matter how much food she had brought, Su Ruojin was worried and wanted to go back to Dongshan to get it. I am afraid that I will not be able to escape if I encounter rioters.

Su Yanli saw that his daughter was silent and couldn't decide, "How about we wait in the cave and let Guard Zhang go and get it?"

 Zhang Shun shook his head directly, "There are only two guards in total, you can't leave our sight."

Su Yanli glanced at his daughter, unable to do anything.

Shi Miao cautiously stepped forward and interjected, "Little boss, it's the rainy season now. If we take the mountain path, there will probably be a lot of wild vegetables, or..."

Su Ruojin shook his head, "It's unrealistic for us to take the carriage and take the mountain path."

 This is true.

 For a moment, everyone was silent.

Shangguanyu glanced at Su Yanli and his wife. Su Yanli didn't seem to know much about general affairs and was waiting for his daughter to make a decision. Then he looked at Mrs. Su, who only took care of her son and daughter without asking anything. Finally, his eyes fell on the second lady Su. Shaobai was right. Wrong, what would the Su family be like without this little niece?

In the end, it was Su Ruojin who made the decision not to return to Wenshan Courtyard but to go directly down the mountain and take the official road to Weizhou.

Shu Tong asked worriedly: "What should I do if I encounter refugee robbers on the official road?"

Su Ruojin said, "Go down the mountain first. When we wait at the foot of the mountain, it will probably rain heavily. At this time, the refugees and robbers can still think about robbing things and have probably found a place to hide from the rain. Let's take advantage of the rain in a carriage and travel. It will probably happen." Avoid the homeless robbers.”

Even if you can't avoid it, you can use your knife to confront him. You have to rush out of the way and quickly find a place to avoid this commotion.

Everyone worked together to pack up, and it was ready in a short while. Each person carried a big bag on his back and a small bag in his hand, and cut bamboos to use as walking sticks.

Everyone left, but Yang Siniang stood at the entrance of the cave without moving for a long time, looking in the direction of the capital, crying silently. She missed her mother and wanted to go back to the capital.

“A Rong, we don’t even dare to go back to Wenshan Street. We really can’t help you return to the capital.”

"Ah Jin, the young prince returned to the capital last night. Why didn't you wake me up and ask me to follow him back to the capital?" When she woke up in the morning, she heard Su Yanli asking the guard, and she listened.

Su Ruojin:…

She didn't expect that the young lady would have such thoughts. Not to mention the storm last night, how could she, a young lady, travel, and two of them, Zhao Lan and the others, were riding horses in the forest? How could she bear this kind of punishment?

Thirdly, Zhao Lan's identity is special and hidden. It is probably an exception to go out of the city for Su Yanli, so why would he bring a young lady with him.

 It’s simply impossible!

“Ah Rong, everything is in chaos now. We can’t go back to the capital.”

Yang Siniang is not a tampering little lady. She insists on going out to play with her. No one expected the turmoil in the capital. She doesn't want to cause trouble to the Su family, but she really misses her mother and can't bear it. Just stay…

  "Ah Jin..." She cried and threw herself into Su Ruojin's arms, "I just miss my mother."

Su Ruojin patted her back and said, "When the young prince left, I asked him to take care of your mother."

 “Really?” The little lady was so coaxed that she stood up in surprise.

Su Ruojin nodded, "Of course it's true. Don't worry. It's not easy for several princes to fight against each other. It's probably that the ministers are trying to solve this rebellion."

Yang Siniang was coaxed not to cry, "Thank you, Ajin."

 “Let’s go.”

When everyone left, Su Dalang stopped and waited for his sister. He saw her coaxing Yang Siniang into good condition and followed them behind, protecting the two young ladies.

Two guards, Zhang Shun and Cui Can, went to Weizhou with the Su family.

When we were going down the mountain, we met several groups of refugees hiding in the mountains. Everyone was surprised. Everyone was hiding in the mountains. Why did this group of people still go out? Isn't it a mess?

When fleeing, everyone just wonders when they pass each other, and when they miss each other, everyone flees their own way.

After walking for a long time, we finally reached the foot of the mountain. A heavy rainstorm seemed to have calculated the time for the Su family to go down the mountain. It swept over the sky and covered the sky. It was so heavy that no one could be seen on the other side.

Mangzhong and Shutong each drove a carriage and headed straight for Wei County in the rain.

In Bianjing City, the funeral of Emperor Chengxi had not yet been announced, and the prince died again. The stumbling block on the way to succession was no longer a stumbling block for his legitimate son, King Zhao Yu of Xiang. Originally, he was the leader of the military department, holding a legitimate flag, rallying the clan to summon ministers, and large-scale attack the imperial city.

As soon as Zhao Lan entered the city, people sent by the King of Jin were waiting for him, asking him to cooperate with the Ministry of War to mobilize all the soldiers of the Imperial City Division to besiege the imperial city.

 While Su Ruojin and others were on their way to Weizhou in the rain, a battle broke out at the gate of the palace.

Su Ruojin and his party only stopped for a while along the way. They made steamed buns and ate them, but they did not dare to stop for a moment. They walked from noon to midnight before arriving in Weizhou.

The Battle of the Imperial City in the capital was also over, and King Qi was ambushed and executed on the spot. King Wei, who controlled the city gate, wanted to be an oriole, but the King of Xiang, who had a heavy army, was on guard and failed, so he fled south all night and refused to cross the river. He stopped until he reached the land of South Vietnam and took the prosperous Lin'an City as his base.

Of course, when the King of Wei fled south, half of the ministers advocated an immediate pursuit to eliminate hidden dangers. Half of the ministers believed that the late emperor had not yet mourned, the prince's death was unknown, and the chaos of floods in the south and drought in the north needed to be resolved. The urgent need now was that the King of Xiang should ascend the throne as soon as possible. Then, do these three major things well to consolidate the great unity.

Of course King Xiang wanted to ascend the throne as emperor as soon as possible, so he supported half of the ministers who advocated ascending the throne to do three major things.

Whether it is a national funeral or a time of turmoil, troops are needed.

Before dawn, King Xiang, who had been enthroned, had already dispatched more than a dozen troops, stretching from Bianjing City to various states in the Yin Dynasty.

When Su Ruojin and his party woke up, the name of the Dayin Dynasty had changed from the 20th year of Chengxi to the first year of Jingyuan, and the legitimate son, King Xiang, ascended the throne.

Weizhou County was plundered by refugee bandits. They passed through the border like locusts, and all the food was looted. The tenants who tended the fields for the Su family were so frightened that they kowtowed, "Sir, it's not that we, the little ones, can't do anything if we don't protect the fields."

Su Yanli certainly knew what was going on along the way and did not blame these tenants.

Su Ruojin looked at the dozens of empty acres of land and felt like crying.

Shi Er asked cautiously, "Little boss, I heard that the first thing the new emperor will do after he ascends the throne is to send heavy troops to suppress civil unrest. How about we go back to Beijing?"

Su Ruojin shook his head, "I won't go back for the time being."

 “Then…” They now have no food in their hands, and it is difficult for more than 20 people to eat.

Su Ruojin turned around and said, "Uncle Shutong, buy some grain from the nearby big landowner, and then go to the county to buy some daily necessities."


Logically speaking, after the new emperor ascended the throne, Su Yanli should rush back to the capital. But when he left the city, Zhao Lan helped him take half a month of summer vacation. It had only been five days and there were still ten days left, so there was no rush. Su Yanli's working land is only three acres, but over the years, Su Ruojin has bought more land one after another. It has more than ten or twenty acres. It is not as good as those nobles in the capital, but compared with the rural people, these ten or twenty acres are enough. Very good.

The fields she bought did not grow wheat, but almost all grew various beans, sesames, vegetables and other cash crops, and they could be transported long distances to the capital for use in breakfast or morning tea shops, which saved Su Ji a lot. cost.

It's easy to do things if you have money. On the surface, the Weizhou area has been robbed and there seems to be nothing. Shutong has come here with Su Ruojin frequently in the past two years. He also knows some local landowners and visits them to establish connections. These landowners are actually willing to sell to the Su family. food.

After buying the grain, Shutong drove back to the village. When he passed by the Weizhou County Government Office, he found hundreds of people gathered around the gate of the office. Could it be that the new emperor's troops had also arrived in Weizhou County?

He stopped the carriage curiously and let Shi Xiaoer look at the carriage. He squeezed in and found that except for about a dozen patrolmen from the Yamen, there were no other soldiers and it was very noisy.

After listening for a while, Shu Tong probably understood something. It turned out that the county magistrate of Weizhou was killed by refugee bandits, and the county captain was missing. There was only an old official in charge of county government affairs, but he was blocked by the people at the door and was at a loss. .

"I really don't know. Don't ask me. I'm not even the boss. I can't be the boss at all."

Some people shouted, "If you don't make the decision, we will dominate the county government and it's up to you to control it..."

“It’s useless for you to dominate. Maybe the court will send a new county magistrate tomorrow...”

Upon hearing this, a group of filial women from three generations, old, middle and young, burst into tears, "Oh my God, my family officials were killed by the refugees, and no one took charge of the funeral for my son (husband)." , It’s really heart-breaking..."


After a while, I either heard that this place needed to make a decision, or there was no one in that place to uphold justice, ruffians were rampant, and the people suffered greatly.

Shutong shook his head and got on the carriage to return to the village.

The village where Su Yanli worked was not far from Weizhou County, so Shu Tong returned to the village in half an hour. While unloading the grain, he told Su Yanli and Su Erniang what he had seen.

“The county magistrate was killed? Did you report it to the court?”

Shu Tong replied, "According to that, the county captain ran away, and the lord Bo and the county magistrate took refuge in the mountains. There was no one to take charge. Now there are thousands of people gathered at the gate of the county government office, and there are probably more."

"they are…"

“Some people want the county government to open a granary... Some people have heard that the new emperor has enthroned and granted amnesty to the world, and some want to stay in the local area and register... Look at this, if someone doesn’t come out to take charge, I’m afraid there will be chaos.”

Su Ruojin glanced at his father and asked thoughtfully, "Are there any officials at the gate of the county government office?"

Shutong replied, "There is an old official who I heard helps sort out documents."

 To put it bluntly, he is a handyman who works wherever and whenever he needs to.

Su Yanli sighed and shook his head, "The change of imperial power was not handed over well, and it is the common people who suffer."

Su Ruojin felt that his father was right, and he believed that he was right.

After escaping all the way, the Su family hadn't had a good meal yet, and these things were not something they could worry about. Lu Dani took Mao Ya and others to cook in a pot, and cooked rice mixed with brown rice and japonica rice. One pot is similar to the Northeast stew, with cabbage, vermicelli, a small piece of salted pork belly, etc. Anyway, I put all the vegetables into the pot. I made a big pot, which can be considered as oil, meat and vegetables. It is full. .

After breakfast and dinner, Su Ruojin walked around the abandoned land, thinking about what else to plant in this season. As she walked and ate, the sunset slowly filled the sky, gorgeous and beautiful. She was thinking that tomorrow would be a good day, and there would be more. Find some seeds to plant.

Someone ran back from the county seat, shouting as he ran, "It's terrible, it's terrible, it's killing... it's killing..."

Su Ruojin looked at Guandao in surprise, "What's going on?"

The people running on the official road replied, "The government officials refused to let go of the granary and started fighting with the common people. People died."

Shutong followed Su Erniang. When he heard this, he immediately said, "I knew something would happen."

Weizhou County belongs to the capital and is under the jurisdiction of Jing Zhaoyin. However, two major events are being done in the imperial city. It is estimated that no one cares about what is happening in the small county below.

This is how to do?

The person who spoke to him muttered something before running away, "It would be great if there was someone with a sense of control, otherwise it would be bad and a lot of people would die just from being trampled."

 What, stampede?

Su Ruojin read the book together.

Shutong nodded, "When I came back, there were a lot of people."


 Have an official? Su Ruojin looked towards his father?

Su Yanli looked serious.

Shangguanyu and others also looked at Su Yanli.

Su Ruojin pursed her lips and said nothing. She knew her father better than anyone. He was a pure scholar. It was okay for him to teach, but it was probably not possible for him to deal with these emergencies.

Just when Su Ruojin ignored the matter and was about to go back, Su Yanli held her daughter's hand and said, "Ajin... I have official status, can you..."

"Dad?" Su Ruojin asked, "You mean, you use your official status to ask me to help deal with this chaos?"

 “Ah Jin, isn’t dad useless?”

Su Ruojin shook his head: "No, dad, it's already amazing that you have such an idea."

"But I..." It's still not satisfactory, and he still needs his daughter by his side before he dares.

It was about human life. Su Ruojin grabbed his father's hand and said, "Let's leave quickly."

Shutong quickly went to hitch the carriage.

Shangguanyu also said, "I am with you, sir. If there is anything you need help with, I can also help."

"Okay, everyone, go." Su Ruojin said behind him, "Uncle Zhang, Uncle Cui, take your swords and let's go."

 Cheng Yingzhen caught up and asked, "Officials, what are you doing?"

 Oops, I forgot. Su Yanli stopped and said to his wife, "Take Sanlang, Silang, and Ayi back to sleep. Dalang, follow dad." The eldest son is old, and it's time for him to see the dangers of the world.

Su Dalang picked up his legs and followed.

Cheng Yingzhen could not rest assured. She wanted to follow but was stopped by Chunxiao and Qiu. "Madam, don't worry. There are two guards, Zhang and Cui. It's okay."

Su Yanli nodded towards his wife, "Azhen, wait for me when I come back."

That look was extremely trusting, and she couldn't let go. She pursed her lips and nodded, "My lord, leave early and come back early."

"Okay." Su Yanli turned around, quickly followed her daughter into the carriage, and headed all the way to the county government office.

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