Chapter 209 Chapter 209 Rebellion in a small county town 2

 The summer night sky is dotted with stars. On the roadside, insects chirped and frogs croaked.

Su Ruojin caught a villager who fled back from the county government office and asked him about it. He probably meant the same thing as Shutong said when he came back. The reason for the commotion now was mainly because many people had no food and no food to eat.

The villager said, "As long as there is an official in charge, let the grain store open first so that everyone can buy some food and fill their stomachs. However, these black-hearted merchants and landowners just refuse to open the store, so the people have to go to the county government to let the officials The master opens a granary."

The magistrate was killed, the county lieutenant ran away, and the governor Bo and the county magistrate took refuge in the mountains. Su Ruojin suspected that there was no food in the granary of Weizhou County. Otherwise, it stands to reason that the new emperor's imperial edict should have been received long ago, and the county lieutenant would not have sent troops to preside over it. Order in the county.

She asked some more questions about the conversation between the county officials and the people, and didn't stop until the villagers had nothing to answer.

 General government offices are composed of a set of service teams, including the county magistrate, county magistrate, chief registrar, county captain, and dianshi.

The county magistrate is the chief official of a county, with the seventh rank, commonly known as the seventh-rank sesame official. But in fact, for the common people, this may be the biggest official they can come into contact with, so it is also called the parent official.

 Xian Cheng is the assistant official of the county magistrate, and is an official of the eighth rank.

The county lieutenant, like the county magistrate, is an assistant to the county magistrate. He is responsible for policing and catching thieves, and is equivalent to the director of the modern public security bureau.

 The chief clerk, the assistant in charge of documents.

 Dian Shi, a miscellaneous official in a county, but he is not in the mainstream and has no rank, so he is a subordinate official.

Su Ruojin and his entourage had not yet arrived at the gate of the county government office. In the light of the fire, there were shouts of killing... bang-dong-dong-dong crashes... the sounds of women and children crying and roaring, all mixed together, as if the world was coming to an end.

Su Yanli jumped out of the carriage, his face no longer gentle and elegant, but serious and dignified, and walked towards the crowd step by step.

Su Ruojin looked at the chaotic yamen entrance while paying attention to his father. He found that his expression at this moment was not weak and incompetent as he thought. On the contrary, in the light of the sky, his back was as straight as a green bamboo as he walked faster and faster.

Just now in the carriage, she had been asking the villagers about the situation at the county government gate. In fact, she was asking him all the questions. He seemed to have listened. So how would he respond at this moment?

 As a daughter, how should she help him quietly?

Su Ruojin looked towards Zhang Shun and Cui Can, signaling them to hurry up and follow Su Yanli with half her scabbard. The two of them had been running the Su Ji Morning Tea Shop for three years, and they had a tacit understanding with the little boss. They immediately understood the look in her eyes. He immediately straightened his back and looked powerful, like a door **** guarding him.

Su Ruojin leaned close to Mang Zhong and whispered something to him. Mang Zhong first looked at her in surprise, then listened to a few words, and nodded solemnly to indicate that he knew.

 She quickly turned around and waved to Shutong.

Shutong hurriedly followed him, lowered his head, and asked the little master to come close to his ear. It was too noisy in front of him, and he was afraid that he could not hear what the little master said clearly. When he heard the second sentence, he opened his eyes wide and looked at his little lady in disbelief. Will this work?

Su Ruojin nodded and asked him to act quickly regardless of whether it would work or not.

"Okay." Shutong glanced at the adults who were about to squeeze into the crowd, nodded, turned around and drove away in a carriage.

 Noises, knocks on the door, shouts...the noise in the night is frightening, as if one has stepped into the realm of life and death, unable to move forward or retreat.

Hu Dianshi could no longer scream for a long time. He was supported by his wife against the wall before he could stand still. He called his children and grandchildren to help stop him from knocking on the granary door. Each of them was either hoarse from shouting or being pushed and beaten by the angry people. The county government door was about to be knocked open. He shook his head helplessly, it was over...everything was over!

I glanced at the family members of the county magistrate who were squeezed to the wall and wore sackcloth and mourning. If they didn’t leave, they would be crushed by the crowd. Why bother... why bother...

The ten-year-old son of the county magistrate tried his best to protect his grandmother and mother... "Please stop crowding, stop crowding, we will all die if we continue to crowd... we will all die..."

“Bang…bang…come on, brothers, it’s about to open, it’s about to open…”

Seeing that the heavy iron gate of the county government office was about to be pushed open, the excited crowd became more and more commotion. The people behind were anxious, fearing that they would not be able to grab food, so they pushed forward with all their strength. The shouts...crying... became more and more shrill, and they rushed towards the dark place. night sky.


With a loud noise, the county government door was finally knocked open.

 The noisy crowd suddenly became as quiet as a knife.

Thousands of people looked at the county government gate that usually frightened them. The gate opened to the south. If you have reason or no money, don't come in. Once ordinary people come here, they will realize that they will either get into trouble or commit a crime. It's over, the sky is going to be broken.

Now, in the light of the fire, the door is completely open to them. They can step in and find the food of life.

I don’t know who woke up first and shouted, “Brothers, rush, grab food quickly!”

 "Push...rush...if you're slow, you'll be gone..."

Wow, a large group of people came in. Seeing that the people behind could not squeeze in, they started to pile on top of each other, causing a stampede incident. Mangzhong got the watchman's gong from somewhere and knocked it three times in a row. He shouted loudly, "Master Su, the official of the capital, is here. Anyone who dares to complain will be punished."

The noisy crowd was startled by the sudden sound of the gong and the powerful male voice. People looked towards the sound of the gong one after another.

Mang Zhong stood on a broken chair and said condescendingly, "Master Su, the official of the capital, is here, why don't you kneel down and salute?"

Everyone followed the young man's gaze and looked at the young man standing by the chair. They saw him standing with his hands behind his back, standing tall and straight, looking clear and calm.

 The restless heart seems to have calmed down. You look at me and I look at you. An official from the capital has come?

Seeing that everyone was motionless, Mangzhong shouted, "You want to go to jail?"  Lao Shi, who was about to die, finally took a breath, heard a loud voice, his eyes lit up, he pushed his old wife's hand away, and jumped. He ran to Su Yanli and knelt down, "Hu Yongshou, the official of Weizhou County, has met Mr. Su."

Even the old officials knelt down, and the people who were blocked outside the door followed suit and moved to Su Yanli and knelt down in unison.

They knelt down, but no one shouted salute. They were numb and confused. When the court officials came, would there be food distributed?

Just when someone wanted to ask a question, the first person who rushed into the Yamen was someone who rushed out of the Yamen with his hands raised and shouted, "It's not good... It's not good... There is not a grain of food in the Yamen granary, we are going to starve to death." …”

What? Isn’t there a grain of grain in the granary?

 The crowd of people kneeling on the ground surged up, angry and desperate, making them lose their minds. Seeing these people, they were so jealous that they wanted to eat people.

At the little lady's signal, Mang Zhong hurriedly struck the gong again, "Quiet...Quiet...Master Su..." For a moment, Mang Zhong almost didn't know how to put the words, and he was so anxious that he broke into sweat.

Su Ruojin quickly ran to Mangzhong, pulled him down, stood on the chair, and beat the gong when he got up, "Quiet...Quiet..."

The people who wanted to eat people were quiet again. They were shocked by the little lady standing on the chair. The pretty girl Russell in Tsing Yi stood on the chair with a light figure. She was soft and agile, like the little disciple of Guanyin. They were comforted at once. People's uneasy hearts.

Seeing that the crowd was quiet again, Su Ruojin clasped his fists at everyone and said, "Dear fellow villagers, someone has cooked porridge outside the city and is waiting to give it out. You can go and get the porridge to fill your stomach."

Logically speaking, when everyone heard that there was food, Wu Yangyang should have run away in a swarm, but no one moved.

The middle-aged man who was the first to rush in and the first to come out to shout that there was no food sneered, "Did you take the food outside to pretend to be a good porridge?"

“Yes, did you drag away the grain in the county government granary and divide it up?”

Su Yanli frowned, elegant and majestic. Seeing the middle-aged man speaking, he unconsciously took a step back and thought to himself, this is really evil. He is obviously a weak scholar, but how can he still have such authority?

Unexpectedly, Su Ruojin had no time to praise her father, so she quickly jumped off the chair and walked to Su Yanli's side. She spoke in a low voice and asked her father to say whatever he wanted.

Su Yanli didn't understand the meaning of his daughter's words, but asked his daughter through lip language: Ajin, where is the county government's food?

Of course, Su Ruojin didn't know who had stolen the food, or whether it had been snatched away by bandits. But from the current situation, it was clear that the county magistrate was dead. It was definitely not him. But seeing so many people knocking on the door of the county government just now After finally opening it, I realized that most of the food was probably not stolen by bandits, but definitely by middle-level or above people in the county government.

Su Ruojin nodded pretendingly, "Okay, sir, I understand."

Su Yanli looked at the dark crowd. They were not his students and they didn't know how to deal with this matter.

Su Ruojin turned around, stood on the chair again, and said to everyone, "My lord just told me that he just came from the capital and has not yet contacted Huang Dianli and other county officials. After he has met and understood the relevant officials, I must give you a clear answer.”

 Just came from Beijing? Everyone didn't believe it and stood still.

Su Ruojin glanced at his father and asked him to take over.

Su Yanli's thoughts have been following his daughter. Of course he quickly received her daughter's signal. Can he catch her daughter as he did at home?

I don't know whether it was due to habit or a tacit understanding between father and daughter. Su Yanli immediately knelt down and raised his hands to the sky, "I will feed you and worry about you. Our emperor has just ascended the throne and a new order has been issued. Any chaos caused by the new emperor before he ascended the throne will not be punished." No one will be held accountable, but the death of the county magistrate, the disappearance of the food, the escape of the county magistrate, the county captain, the lord, the crime of blasphemy, and the chaos committed after today will be punished by imprisonment. "

Someone actually took charge of the overall situation of Weizhou County. As if he had found the backbone, Hu Dianli cried bitterly and knelt down, "The emperor's kindness is so great. I thank you, Mr. Su, for asking Mr. Su to find the murderer of the county magistrate. Cooperate fully.”


The people who took the lead in making trouble for food looked at them secretly, and then looked at the two patrolmen they had beaten to death. They had no intention of staying any longer, and their eyes were moving around, ready to escape.

Su Ruojin had been paying attention to the crowd. It was clear that the county magistrate was dead, and the county magistrate and others were running away. Why were there still people making trouble at the gate of the county government office? This was obviously a fruitless thing, but there were still people doing it. Why? ?

The civilians behind may be really hungry because they have no food to eat, but why are they making trouble in the county government office in such a neat manner? What can a pian do for them?

Su Ruojin made a gesture to Zhang Shun and Cui Can, and they understood each other. One stayed to protect Su Yanli, while the other quietly joined the crowd.

After paying homage to the emperor, Su Yanli stood up, faced everyone, glanced at everyone with a righteous look, and then looked at his daughter.

Su Ruojin hurriedly hugged everyone, "Everyone, Mr. Su means that the porridge outside the city is ready, but the quantity is limited, first come, first served, and the rest will have to wait until tomorrow morning for charity."

As soon as there was not much porridge, it was on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who were really hungry had no time to wait, so some people immediately turned around and ran out of the city.

 One runs, everyone runs.

 After a while, almost everyone ran out of the yamen gate, leaving only a hundred or ten people.

Su Yanli looked at the corner of the wall at the Yamen entrance and stepped forward quickly.

Hu Dianli quickly trotted to catch up and said, "Mr. Su, these are the family members of the county minister. The county minister's family was robbed by thieves, and he didn't even have any money to collect from the county minister."

 He sighed repeatedly.

The Su family's father and daughter frowned at the same time. The county magistrate's family had no money. How could Hu Dianli not be able to bury him without his help?

Hu Dianli seemed to have heard what the Su family's father and daughter were thinking, "It's not that I won't help, it's really that the county government is in chaos and I don't know where to start. If there are no more people in the court, I'm afraid the lower officials will follow the county magistrate." went."

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