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The Real Daughter Has Become Famous All Over the World for Fortune-telling

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Pei Anzhu, a master of metaphysics, died unexpectedly and was reborn as a rural orphan.

The original owner had no father, no mother, no relatives, no reason,

There is only one old Taoist master known as the magic stick and liar.

Just when Pei Anzhu decided to go back to his old business, make money to buy a house, and provide for his master in retirement,

Her biological parents came to ask her to marry the vegetative eldest son of the Feng family, Feng Jinglan, who was raised by a wealthy family for three years.

The biological father is snobbish, the biological mother is hypocritical, and the fake daughter is scheming.

The father-in-law is cold, the mother-in-law is mean, the wealthy brother-in-law is sinister and vicious,

There are a lot of weird things, so what does she have to fear?

Cut off the iron mouth, identify villains, catch criminals,

Wen Neng draws talismans to shock Xiaoxiao, and Wun Neng lifts the sword to kill the evil traitor!


Haha, is this the Pei family’s country girl who grew up in the countryside and has no chance to be on the stage?


Master, please save my dog’s life!

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Short Title:RDHBF
Alternate Title:真千金她靠算卦火遍全球了
Author:Ouyang crisp bone
Weekly Rank:#14
Monthly Rank:#5
All Time Rank:#4230
Tags:Divination, Female Protagonist,
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13 Comments on “The Real Daughter Has Become Famous All Over the World for Fortune-telling
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  1. Just finished reading this and I must say while it's not perfect, it has the most satisfying plot and pacing I have read in a while. even within the genre of online streaming and genre of divination/fortune telling, it has good stories for each of them. while like any other cultivation novels, romance is something many authors stay away, but the way this author done it was good. and at the same time he cleverly include and planned every plot such that many plots and arcs are interlinked. nothing cheesy or cringe or rushed and there's no useless fillers like redundant narration, food recipe or whatnot. it is a good novel.

  2. Recommended!! But a warning to you that there's no romance ok. I came here for romance but there's no romance.😅 So I stay for the plot. The plot is not your typical plot. I hope there's part 2. Coz the plot at the end(extra) is like the beginning of romance. The ML actually fall in love with MC.

  3. I'm Speechless I don't know what to say but I think I still need to say something and that's this story is wholesome like the way the author make me feel like I'm one with the story it felt so real it's not like any other cultivation stories I've red it's complicated but honestly it's so good that I don't even know what to comment lol. But then I surely and highly recommend it for you if you're reading my comment and you will never regret it.

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