After Lin Feng came over, Lin Feng spent more than an hour explaining his plan to the senior leaders of the aboriginal people.

Lin Feng had already planned every step.

Some steps may not be perfect, but the higher-ups of the Aboriginal people will make appropriate modifications and they will become quite perfect.

The senior leaders of the aboriginal people also told Lin Feng how to resolve the curse of their ancestors on the Black Emperor of the Desert.

In fact, the method is very simple.

All you need to do is find ten relics from the high-ranking aboriginal people who launched the curse as tokens.

Then find a senior person who knows spells to recite a spell to lift the curse.

It’s not hard to find tokens, they have them here.

As for monks who know how to spell, it is not difficult to find. Isabella's grandfather knew how to lift the spell of the Black Emperor of the Desert.

Therefore, the entire spell casting process is very fast.

But Lin Feng couldn't let things be completed so quickly. He had to complicate the simple casting to delay time, and even had to involve the Desert Black Emperor. Only in this way could the Desert Black Emperor's energy be absorbed. Involved, if the Desert Black Emperor did not participate in lifting the curse until the end, her spirit would have been released, and the monks who lurked towards the teleportation array might have been sensed by the Desert Black Emperor.

It will be troublesome then.

So Lin Feng created a series of steps. Of course, these steps were useless, just to delay time.

Make a foolproof plan.

A day of grooming.

The aborigines also selected a dozen strong men, headed by Isabella's grandfather. However, Isabella's grandfather needed to follow Lin Feng to lift the curse of the Black Emperor of the Desert, and he also had to act with Lin Feng. After holding the Black Emperor of the Desert for a while, the rest, led by the Second Elder, will temporarily hide in Lin Feng's time and space, while Lin Feng will use the Great Destiny Technique to cover up their auras, in order to hide their presence from the outside world and bring them with him. As they enter the ancient city, when Lin Feng takes action, they will also act secretly.

Isabella still wanted to go along.

But Lin Feng refused.

Isabella's cultivation is acceptable and very powerful.

However, Lin Feng did not want Isabella to take risks with them, not to mention that Isabella almost died not long ago and her body had not fully recovered.

Of course, there are also reasons why Lin Feng cherishes her.

Seeing Lin Feng persisting, Isabella nodded and agreed, saying that she would wait here for Lin Feng and the others to come back.

Farewell from Isabella.

Lin Feng and others set out for the ancient city.

However, when they left the aboriginal station, the second elder and others had already entered Lin Feng's time and space and hid.

Only Isabella's grandfather traveled with Lin Feng.

Soon, they arrived outside the ancient city.

Lin Feng said, "Desert Black Emperor, I am here to fulfill my promise."

"Don't you know how to open the door?". The voice of the Desert Black Emperor came from the ancient city.

Lin Feng said, "Opening the ancient city myself and you inviting me in are two completely different situations."

"Haha, you are a big man, you have so many things! I think you were reincarnated in the wrong place." The Desert Black Emperor couldn't help but said sarcastically, "Don't care what kind of agreement she signed with Lin Feng."

But she definitely has no good impression of Lin Feng, only hostility.

After all, in a sense, she was the loser in the previous series of events.

In addition, she herself hates men very much.  Likes to trample men underfoot.

And she is the supreme queen.

She didn't like Lin Feng's attitude of looking directly at her.

Lin Feng would not be used to this desert black emperor. He retorted, "If you didn't tell me your gender, when I saw you, I thought you were facing a man. No wonder you have no principles in doing things. It turns out that it's because you don't have " "Ah, hahahaha...".

"You want to die?". The Desert Black Emperor said angrily.

Lin Feng said, "I have no interest in talking so much nonsense with you here. I do things neatly and don't want to be looked down upon by my mother-in-law."

"Very good," the Desert Black Emperor replied fiercely.

But she didn't say anything else and opened the door.

Lin Feng and Isabella's grandfather entered the ancient city.

Ordinary residents in the ancient city did not come out, and businesses were closed, but the streets were filled with a large number of monks.

It seemed as if he was deliberately giving Lin Feng a blow.

The Black Emperor of the Desert did not show up.

The first person to come out was the Poison King. He looked at Lin Feng and said, "Boy! You also helped the woman detoxify. Can you return the flint to me?".

Lin Feng said, "I took the flint away. It's mine. Why should I give it back to you?".

Hearing this, Poison King's face suddenly darkened.

He said coldly, "Don't go too far.

"We can still talk about things, but not now. The most important thing now is to help your master regain his freedom, rather than talking about the ownership of flint with you, a slave." Lin Feng said lightly. I have to say, Lin Feng This injurious skill is really too powerful. After saying this, the angry Poison King's face was determined. Although he is a subordinate of the Desert Black Emperor, he is also a well-known figure. Even the Desert Black Emperor would not directly say that he is a slave. Kind of words, but Lin Feng said this.

Now the Poison King really wanted to tear Lin Feng into pieces.

But he knew it wasn't the time yet.

Let's see how you cry after the curse of the Black Emperor of the Desert is resolved.

The Poison King couldn't help but think viciously in his heart.

He snorted coldly and stopped talking to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng said, "Desert Black Emperor, let's meet in the square. I need to arrange a platform on the square to lift the curse for you."

"Does it take so much trouble to lift the curse?". Desert Black Emperor asked, seeming to have doubts.

Lin Feng said, "Sister, don't you look at who gave you the curse? Do you think a curse that can curse a powerful person like you can be easily resolved?".

The Desert Black Emperor cursed, "Who do you call eldest sister? I have no such relationship with you! So, pay attention to your words."

Lin Feng said, "I know, eldest sister."

There is another person who is about to be **** off by Lin Feng, but this is Lin Feng's behavior. When faced with some unfriendly strong men, he likes to mess with each other's mentality.

Once the mentality collapses.

Then, the person's overall state will change to a certain extent, and this change is often in a bad direction, which is naturally a good thing for Lin Feng.

The Black Emperor of the Desert is also putting up with Lin Feng and has the same mentality as the Poison King. When he regains his freedom later, he will settle the score with Lin Feng. (End of chapter)

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