Lin Feng looked at the Black Emperor of the Desert and said, "I need to arrange an altar. After the altar is arranged, I can help you resolve the curse! However, I still lack some materials. I have no way to go out and gather these. Materials, I can only help you gather the materials for me. 1.

In fact, setting up the altar itself is a lie.

The lack of materials was naturally a non-existent thing. Lin Feng just wanted to get some good things from the Desert Black Emperor.

Therefore, he will list some precious materials.

The Desert Black Emperor may not be able to get everything, but that doesn't matter, Lin Feng will say, I found the replacement material.

When the altar is actually decorated, it will definitely not consume those extremely precious materials, but use some cheaper and common materials.

Lin Feng can still make a fortune.

The Desert Black Emperor said, "Write to me what you need, and I will try my best to help you get it together."

Lin Feng handed the paper he prepared in advance to the Desert Black Emperor.

It was densely covered with something written on it.

The Desert Black Emperor's face was a little dark, and he said angrily, "Why are there so many things missing?".

She even wanted to ask Lin Feng, are you here to buy goods from me? And it was free of charge. She really wanted to slap Lin Feng to death, but she still endured it.

Lin Feng said, "Helping you lift the curse will consume a lot of things. Isn't it strange? Moreover, I am helping you, but you still think it costs a lot. Are you so stingy? Just say no. Just lift the curse 1.

The Black Emperor of the Desert snorted coldly. She couldn't defeat Lin Feng and was too lazy to argue with Lin Feng.

She called Poison King over and asked him to search for materials in the treasure house.

If you can't find it in the treasure house, let the whole city search for it.

Lin Feng and the others were waiting patiently.

He didn't even take a break, looking extremely dedicated.

The Desert Black Emperor hated Lin Feng in his heart and did not ask Lin Feng to rest.

Two hours later.

The Poison King is back.

Lin Feng wrote too many materials, close to 200 types, and Poison King only found more than 130 types of materials.

There are dozens more that have not been found.

This situation made the Desert Black Emperor look unhappy.

Lin Feng said, "Don't worry, I can replace the missing materials with replacement materials. Although the effect will be worse, there is still no problem in lifting the curse."

"That's good." Desert Black Emperor said.

But when Lin Feng arranged the altar, the desert black emperor could hardly contain his anger. Although Lin Feng also consumed a lot of materials, one look at the materials revealed that they were all relatively low-grade materials.

The high-grade materials she provided were useless to Lin Feng.

The Desert Black Emperor also knew that Lin Feng would definitely be greedy for some precious materials.

But she didn't expect that Lin Feng didn't use any precious materials, so she was simply being taken advantage of.

Has the Black Emperor of the Desert ever suffered such a loss?

She wanted to cut Lin Feng into pieces with thousands of knives.

This idea is more prevalent now than before.

However, she was still suppressing her impulse and waited until the curse was lifted. Lin Feng spent a day to successfully decorate the altar.

Then Lin Feng said to the Black Emperor of the Desert, "Can you please get on the altar?"

The Desert Black Emperor was naturally not afraid of Lin Feng's tricks, so she climbed onto the altar.

Lin Feng said, "Enter the yin-yang fish and sit cross-legged."

The Desert Black Emperor did as he was told.

Lin Feng said, "Although the altar has been successfully arranged, it still lacks the power of yin and yang. The so-called two powers of yin and yang are the power of the sun and the power of the moon. In the next day, Empress Lao, you will absorb the power of the sun and the moon." The power is poured into the altar. The more power it absorbs, the better, because the more power it absorbs, the more effective it is for the empress to lift the curse. You can't ask someone to do this for you. If the empress doesn't absorb it, The power of the sun and the power of the moon cannot help the empress come into contact with the curse 1.

What Lin Feng said was just nonsense.

But the Black Emperor of the Desert didn't know the steps to lift the curse. Even if she doubted Lin Feng, she couldn't refute it. She was simply fooled by Lin Feng.

Isabella's grandfather, who was standing by, admired Lin Feng in his heart, saying that Lin Feng was so good at acting at such a young age.

No wonder people are so interested.

The Black Emperor of the Desert said, "Okay, I will absorb as much of the power of the sun and moon as possible.

Lin Feng said, "I'm tired, I'm going to take a rest."

"Just rest here." Desert Black Emperor sneered. Apparently she was also a little wary of Lin Feng, worried that Lin Feng would do something wrong, so she didn't want Lin Feng to leave her sight.

Lin Feng said, "Is this the way the Empress treats guests? And the ugly thing is, if I am not in a good condition and cannot help you break the curse, then you cannot blame me1.

Regarding Lin Feng's threat, the Desert Black Emperor just sneered and didn't take it seriously at all.

Lin Feng said, "This is the Empress's territory. It is heavily guarded and the ancient city is sealed. How can I make trouble in the Empress's lair? Why should the Empress be so scared?"

"Am I afraid of you?". The Black Emperor of the Desert sneered.

To deal with this woman, neither soft nor hard methods will do, only provocation will do.

The Black Emperor of the Desert said, "Okay, you can rest in a comfortable environment, but it's best to be honest."

The Black Emperor of the Desert immediately looked at her monks, "Poison King, Wei Yue, you two must take good care of Mr. Lin1.

"Yes, Master 1. Poison King and the woman named Wei Yue responded. Poison King Lin Feng is very familiar with her.

Lin Feng was not familiar with the woman named Wei Yue, but she had seen her before and had some impressions that she should be the person in charge of the Desert Black Emperor's personal guard. She was deeply trusted by the Desert Black Emperor and was extremely powerful.

The Black Emperor of the Desert said he was not afraid of Lin Feng's tricks, but he was still extremely fearful in his heart, so he sent two powerful men, Poison King and Wei Yue, to watch Lin Feng.

Lin Feng and Isabella's grandfather were taken to the resting place, which was a palace built magnificently.

Lin Feng and Isabella's grandfather were arranged in a villa.

Poison King and Wei Yue are personally in charge.

In addition to these two powerful men, the Poison King also mobilized an elite army of monks to completely surround this villa.

That is to say.

Lin Feng and the others must not have any thoughts during their "rest period".

No matter what idea you have, it is impossible to realize it.

He might even expose himself. (End of chapter)

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