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The once most powerful ancient forbidden divine art, the Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art has been lost for millions upon millions of years.

Countless years later, youth Lin Feng who was down on his luck, managed to obtain the number one ancient forbidden divine art, the Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art by chance.

When Lin Feng departed from a tiny city of the northern-most area in the world, a legendary story would begin.

This is a world with experts as many as the trees in a forest, a world where different races vyes for supremacy.

Who shall rule over destiny in this boundlessly vast land?

Depending on the Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art, Lin Feng battle the heavens and fought the earth, sweeping aside all experts with dominance, tyrannically ruling the myriad realms.

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Short Title:IDEA
Alternate Title:太古龙象诀
Author:Wang Zi's Old Bun
Weekly Rank:#36
Monthly Rank:#27
All Time Rank:#387
Tags:Action, Alchemy, Body Tempering, Cultivation, eastern fantasy, Fantasy, Harem, Lack of Common Sense, Male Protagonist, Unique Cultivation Technique, Xuanhuan,
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  1. Author talks about sl*ts but he's the biggest sl*t slurping on the knob of the CCP (Chinese C*ck Party), spitting out the "drizzle" and calling it a novel. I am so sick of asian novels that are clearly written by nothing but monkeys bashing a type writer. I wasn't racist before I started reading their asian filth and now I hope their whole continent burns (including the islands). Mainland Taiwan is worthless anyways.

  2. The novel is written by a complete idiot. Guy was worried about MC telling the sect he crippled him so tried to kill him, but when the MC gets to the sect everyone knows what happened and the guy proceeds to openly target and try to kill the MC in the sect.

  3. Sayang sekali novel ini sebenarnya sangat seru cuman tdk tahu kapan updatenya....tolong author lanjutkan jadi tdk gantung ceritanya ...jadi penasaran akhir ceritanya seperti apa....

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