Chapter 5290 Traitor

                                           ∣                                                                                      ……ulus cla...


"it's me."

Lu Xiaoxiao opened the door when she heard Zhang Xu's familiar voice, and then she asked Zhang Xu, "How is the situation now?"

“They haven’t taken action yet, I guess they plan to do it midway.”

“Then I’ll leave them to you, and I’ll protect them for a while.”


More than half an hour later, Lu Xiaoxiao heard the sound of fighting coming from the bow of the ship, accompanied by the sound of wooden barns from time to time. She knew that those people were taking action.

But she is not worried, because Zhang Xu and the others can take down those people with just one person, let alone five of them taking action at the same time.

 So it is only a matter of time to capture them. No, the fighting outside has stopped.

 “I’ll go out and take a look, you continue to stay here and don’t move.”


"I will." After Lu Xiaoxiao finished speaking, she opened the door and walked out.

 When she walked out of the house, she saw that Zhang Xu and the others had **** all the staff on the ship, including the man who was driving the ship. They had all been caught in one fell swoop.

 What should we do if the ship is just parked at sea? She doesn't know how to sail a boat.

Thinking of this, she shouted to Zhang Xu: "Zhang Xu, come here."

Zhang Xu walked towards the little girl when he heard what she said, and then asked the little girl: "What's wrong?"

 “How do we get back home?”

 “Sail the boat back.”

"You can?"

“I’ve been learning for a while, and although I’m not very proficient at it, I can drive it back without any problem.”

“That’s good, I’ll ask them to come out.” After Lu Xiaoxiao finished speaking, she turned around and opened the door. Then she saw Professor Wang being held hostage by Liu Jian in a wooden warehouse, and suddenly she felt her adrenaline start to surge.

So she yelled directly at Liu Jian: "Put down your wooden warehouse quickly."

"I...I won't let you go unless you give me the contract and send me back to the port city."

 “Traitor, Liu Jian, you are a traitor.”

 “Bah, traitor.”

"I am a traitor, and you are not a good person. When I pointed a gun at Professor Wang, you hid faster than anything else. If I hadn't threatened you with the wooden warehouse, you would have opened the door and ran away."

Liu Ling and the other two turned pale and blue when they heard what Liu Jian said, because what Liu Jian said was true and they could not refute it.

 But if they were given another chance, they would still make the same choice as before.

 Because people do not serve themselves, heaven and earth will destroy them.

Besides, even with their abilities, they cannot save Professor Wang, and staying here is just a waste of their lives.

 So what reason do they have not to run?

Lu Xiaoxiao could probably guess what Liu Ling and the others were thinking when they saw the changes in their faces, but she didn't think there was anything wrong with what they did.

 So she didn’t blame them for not saving her.

 But it is impossible for her to have a close friendship with people like them in the future, because it is not worth it.

Thinking of this, she took a deep breath and said to Liu Jian: "I can agree to your request, but you have to let the three of them come out of the room first."

Liu Jian heard Lu Xiaoxiao’s words, thought about it, and directly agreed to Lu Xiaoxiao’s request.

So he pulled Professor Wang and retreated inside. Until he retreated to a safe distance, he said to Liu Ling and the others: "Get out of here."

Liu Ling and the others immediately ran out of the room after hearing Liu Jian's words. After a while, they ran out of the room and hid behind Mu Mu.

 “Give me the contract first.”

“Okay, I’ll have someone get it for you now.” After Lu Xiaoxiao finished speaking, she winked at Zhang Xu and asked him to get the contract.

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