Chapter 5291 Crisis Resolved

 A few minutes later, when Liu Jian saw that Zhang Xu had not come back, he urged Lu Xiaoxiao: "Hurry up."

 “I’ll ask someone to rush it.”

“No need to rush me, I will go and get it myself, and you all should stand back.”

Lu Xiaoxiao slowly backed out after hearing Liu Jian's words. Just when she was looking for an excuse to delay for a while, she saw that Zhang Xu had climbed to the window.

 She knew their chance had come.

So when Zhang Xu broke the window and snatched the wooden warehouse from Liu Jian's hand, he rushed forward and pinned Liu Jian to the ground.

 Then she asked Foreman Xie again: "Fourth Master, are you okay?"

“I’m fine, tie him up quickly.”

“Okay.” After Lu Xiaoxiao said this, she handed Liu Jian over to Monkey and Mu Mu, and asked them to tie Liu Jian up and send him to be with the group of people.

 Then she said to Zhang Xu: "Go sail the boat and I will arrange it."

Zhang Xu nodded when he heard what the little girl said, and he set off on the boat.

“Fourth Master, do you want to be alone in a room, or do you want to be in a room with everyone?”

 “Just stay with everyone, it won’t be long anyway, I’m too lazy to bother.”

“Then you can live in the room next door. The room next door is bigger.”

Professor Wang said hello when he heard Lu Xiaoxiao's words, and he took the lead and walked towards the next room.

  When he entered the room, he saw that the room was very large and had four beds. He said to Liu Ling and the others, "You choose the bed first."

"Professor, you should choose first. We can sleep on any bed."

"Then I'll choose first. I want the bed closest to the window."


A few minutes later, Lu Xiaoxiao saw that Professor Wang and the others had settled down. She said to Professor Wang and the others: "Fourth Master, you guys have a rest first. I'll go out for a while."

"Be careful. If you have something to do, let Zhang Xu and the others go first. Don't rush to the front for everything." "I understand." After Lu Xiaoxiao finished speaking, she turned and walked out of the room.

  When she walked out of the room, she saw the gray cat walking towards her. She asked the gray cat: "What happened?"

"No, the boss asked me to tell you that we will be back "home" in two hours."

"I understand, let's go and see how Zhang Xu drives a boat. We can also learn it by the way. Maybe we can use it one day."

Haimao nodded when he heard Lu Xiaoxiao's words, and he and Lu Xiaoxiao walked towards the cab.

"How did you come?"

 “It was too boring to stay in the room, so I came over to take a look.”

 “There is a stool over there, you can sit on it.”

 “No, I want to see how you sail a boat. I want to learn.”

 “I’ll teach you when I get back to China.”

 “Teach now, there is a ready-made boat.”

 Zhang Xu immediately knew why the little girl was here when he heard her words, but it was not impossible to teach her now, so he began to explain to the little girl the functions of each button on the bridge.

 It wasn't until he introduced the functions of all the buttons that he asked the little girl: "Have you remembered what I just said?"


 “Boss, we haven’t remembered it yet.”

“You can talk about it later when you get back.” After Zhang Xu finished speaking, he began to teach Lu Xiaoxiao how to sail the boat step by step.

Until Lu Xiaoxiao could sail the boat with a bang, he said to Lu Xiaoxiao: "Let's learn here today, and I will continue to teach you when I get back."


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